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  1. To be honest the whole album is great. IMO it challenges BWS as his best solo. I put this cd on and let it play through all the tracks. It's a more hardcore side of Will. He seems really pissed off and I just love his agressive flow. I agree Tim Ms Holy Roller is a beast. I like when he starts the bridge - "Where was Jesus..." And he keeps firing line after line in a real angry tone.

  2. That's what makes me so mad. Like I just recently tried to get my friend into JJFP. And I'm like "This is all their old albums." And he's like "Will rapped in the 80's?" And I'm like "yeah, he was a rapper first. " And he gets all excited - "OMG I thought Will was an actor who just made rap albums later! Who's this Jazzy guy? He looks like Jazz from FPO Bel-Air." I'm like "Dude, that's his DJ, he was a character on the show when he was." And he's like wow I didn't know that. And I mean I can't blame him because he wasn't born yet and neither was I when he did his early thing, but I like researched all that stuff and I mean even when I first saw the show I knew he was a rapper before. But it just kills me when people are like "OMG I love Will Smith I'm his biggest fan." And I say - "Ok how long you've been a fan for?" Since Men In Black, he's also a very good singer!" And I'm thinking wow are you serious?

  3. No I know what you mean about the fans talking about it it. I'm talking about the media. Like I really haven't seen a lot of talk of this album or Code Red whenever I see a biography about the group. It's always - Girl's Ain't Nothing But Trouble, PJDU, Summertime, and then it goes to the tv show. I'm just saying it's like weird.

  4. Ok this is something I've been wondering about for a while. Whenever you hear people talk about JJ+FP they always mention the obvious songs and albums like Homebase with Summertime and He's the DJ with PJDU. But 2 albums I rarely hear mention about is Code Red and And In This Corner... Specifically the latter, which none of the media mentions or anything. And I mean I see a lot of people rate this album bad, and it only sold gold. I also hear that around this time their popularity was slipping. But for me personally, I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson is a great song, and even that being the single that's the only one they (media) ever mention. Like I've heard Jazzy's Grove and Who Stole My Car? and those are great tracks, but I mean it just seems people don't even recognize this album was ever made. Does anybody know why this is?

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