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  1. i bet he didnt even listen 2 it and he thought it would b like born 2 reign bcoz sum ppl didnt like that album and also this is his first album in like 3 yrs and he if afraid that hell take the spotlight away from em to where it ritefully blongs and that is shining on will

  2. Lol, and here's what I wrote as a response to him... You know me, I try to keep it polite.

    Lol. Dawg, here's hoping to you still having a job in a few weeks. I'm not sure what CD you listened to, or what version of the tracks you heard, but I've never seen a review this way off, this wrong, and just plain ignorant, period. What really got me is that comment about Jadakiss's "Why" being better than "Tell Me Why" on this album. I'm not sure when the last time you heard that joint was, so it's quite likely you've forgotten some of the lyrics, but I suggest that you go search online and check out the lyrics. Just your one comment on "Why" makes your whole review suspect. I would dismantle everything you said in this review line by line, but you're sounding like some of these 10 year old kids who think they know about hip hop because they know the hook to "rappers delight," and you're probably 3 times that age, so I'll save you the read and politely ask you to go back to reviewing Lil Jon joints. Enjoy that.

    go urself maxfly, u got him owned

  3. i found this on and em forum

    Will Smith TAUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHT Eminem how to rap. Will Smith made rap available to white people like Eminem with his comical approach. Will Smith's tracks got bit by the early Eminem. Eminem's only had one film, and that was wack. Too many of you ****ers decided you wanted to rap as a result of it and none of you are resulting to anything.

    Will Smith is greater than Eminem in so many ways. Oscars going to African Americans is a lot rarer than to white people, whilst on another note, people were shocked Eminem could play the part of ...himself... in a film :O? Wow what a talent to have. Will Smith's not 'excelled' himself in years because he's consistantly great. Will Smith is powerful enough to turn down the greatest film opportunities because he has better things to do with his time (e.g. Matrix, which he felt wasn't worth the effort and spent his time with his family instead).

  4. hey this is my first post here and my fav song on his new album is swagga but all the songs are brill by far the best hip hop album since his last 1

    Welcome to da greatest board on earth!!!!!!!!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    PS: I agree u unless the fav. track - mine is Tell Me Why! :sonny:

    thanks im sure ill enjoy postin here, it was hard 2 pick a fav song bcoz ive liked all of will smiths songs

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