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  1. hey guys do any of yous have a last fm account if u do u can add me http://www.last.fm/user/darren16/ thats a link to my profile and for those of you that dont no what last fm is its a website where u download a plug in for itunes or media player and after you play a song it come up on there and other ppl can c wot ur listenin to and im also featured on will smiths top listeners which i think is pretty cool anyways heres the link to the actual website www.last.fm

  2. FP always jokes about the "weak stuff" he makes. While there are trax he don't feel are suitable 2 put out...i think we'd probably like pretty much every single one. His level of quality is so high that even the bad is probably good. It's easily better than the crap G-Unit, Eminem, Ja-Rule, and Lil' Jon see fitable 2 make their album's tracklistings.

    well said and i agree with u 100%

  3. there are some really good movies there i hope most of them are actually true the 1s that i no r true are rocky and rambo and mayb possibly die hard, ive heard that john mclanes son will b all grown up and helpin his father, cars, scary movie 4, benchwarmers, basic instinct 2, ice age 2, v for vendetta, silent hill, mission impossible 3, da vinci code, x men 3, superman returns, click, pirates of the caribbean 2, ghost rider, barn yard, saw 3, spiderman 3 these ones will also b released and ive heard rumours thats theres gona b a tekken movie and jet li is gona star in it

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