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  1. hehe, willreign..Working on a fastfood chain is really ****ty, but the money is good! So i can live with it! Im maybe gonna be in a film, just as an extra, but thats fine for me..Its a Norwegian-Pakistani film that will begin shooting next year in norway, The director of the movie is father to a good friend of mine, so that'll be cool! :dancingcool:
  2. In the first FPOBA episode ever, the Banks family is having dinner with some important people, then you hear ''Parents Just Dont Understand'' when Will comes downstairs with some funny looking clothes, you hear the song just for some seconds..
  3. Oh Yeah! I just saw the show on the tv( Letterman shows goes on tv here in Norway a week after in USA ), but anyways, it was funny as hell!! Will was really funny!! When Will left, Dave said: We should have Will Smith on the show everyday, what a man! Or something like that!

    It was Funny!!
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