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  1. Will Smith Tears Up the Sidewalk in Dramatic Fall to the Ground OK, this is actually Will on the set of his film, "Hancock," in which he plays a superhero. I so much prefer making up news stories based on what the picture looks like. It makes me feel like a full-fledged pretend journalist. Sigh. According to IMDb, this is what the movie's about: A hard-living superhero (Smith) who has fallen out of favor with the public enters into a questionable relationship with the wife (Theron) of the public relations professional (Bateman) who's trying to repair his image. That's right, my beloved Jason Bateman's also in the movie--please don't ask me how many times I've watched "Teen Wolf Too" and daydreamed about my nerdy boyfriend turning into...well, Jason Bateman--as well as Charlize Theron, who is making me reconsider my stance on cat-suits and spandex in general. I can't believe she's worried about her breasts. She should be worried about my breasts. Hers are fine. More photos of Charlize Theron and Will Smith filming "Hancock" are after the jump. http://socialitelife.com/2007/09/11/will_s..._the_ground.php
  2. http://www.splashnewsonline.com/2007/09/11/will-set/
  3. K. Smith: Interview http://hiphopruckus.blogspot.com/2007/09/e...views-will.html
  4. Supporting Characters Explain Hancock Plot Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman talk about the superhero comedy by Fred Topel | September 11, 2007 How could anyone not like Will Smith? He's going to have to convince people he can be a pain in next summer's action comedy Hancock. He plays a drunk superhero who needs a publicist to fix his image. Jason Bateman plays that publicist. "I'm teaching him how to navigate those waters, and be more polite in press conferences," said Bateman. "And I've got to get him a little outfit and a cape, and everything. Basically, I'm a corporate PR guy." Then, John Hancock (Smith) goes after his publicist's wife (Charlize Theron). She hinted that there was more to Hancock than the superhero love triangle. "It was very smart and very intelligent and had this kind of historical element to it that I was fascinated by," she said. "It's not silly, it's not stupid. It's fun but I think it's smart. I think Akiva [Goldsman] writes really interesting material. There's a lot of heavy stuff in this, really, really heavy stuff. " Bateman added that there are still plenty of explosions for the summer crowd. "There's flying and special effects, and things are blowing up, and trains are getting tossed," said Bateman. "It's so much work." In those scenes, Theron deferred to Smith. "I like the idea of doing this and looking at Will and going, 'I don't know, Men in Black IV, you tell me. I don't do these.' So I like that challenge. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/10008501-h...k/news/1669905/
  5. VIDEO!!! Looks like Will Smith's forthcoming vehicle Hancock is going to be awwwwwwesome - just check out all the action we caught yesterday! In addition to a dazed-looking Smith climbing out of a giant hole in the ground, we also caught him in the heat of an intense argument with a scantily-clad Charlize Theron. (Frankly, we're surprised Will was even able to get his lines out - his co-star was lookin' hot!) http://x17online.com/celebrities/will_smith/holy_crap.php :clap2:
  6. New Hancock Set Photos! Source: ComingSoon.net September 11, 2007 Will Smith and Charlize Theron were spotted filming superhero action drama Hancock on Hollywood Blvd yesterday, September 10th. Opening July 2, the Peter Berg-directed film centers on a tortured superhero (Smith) who crash-lands in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and tries to transform himself by romancing an alluring housewife (Theron), causing chaos in the city. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=37143
  7. John Cena - My time is Now :wickedwisdom:
  8. Will Smith found lying in crater! Tuesday, September 11, 2007 Will Smith found himself lying in a crater in the road for his new film Hancock. But it seems Smith, 38, is falling out of favour with the ordinary folk of Tinseltown. As the scenes were filmed disgruntled drivers beeped their horns down the road. The superstar actor is said to have casued traffic chaos as a whole block of main thoroughfare Hollywood Boulevard has been closed for three days to allow filming on his latest movie. One local resident said: "It's bad enough when there's a major premiere on Hollywood Boulevard -that snarls up the traffic. "But for three days! Not everyone in this town is a tourist or a member of the film industry." Last month similar disruption was caused when a section of the 105 freeway was closed for the movie production. Hancock features Oscar winner Charlize Theron in the female lead. Smith plays the title role, a hard-living superhero that has fallen out of favour with the public. He enters into a questionable relationship with the wife (Theron) of the public relations professional (Jason Bateman) who's trying to repair his image. The film is set for release next summer and is tipped as one of the blockbusters of 2008. http://www.metro.co.uk/fame/article.html?i...mp;in_page_id=7
  9. Smith & Theron shut down Hollywood Will Smith and Charlize Theron's new action film continues to wreak havoc on Los Angeles traffic after taking over a block of Hollywood Boulevard. After causing major traffic disruption late last month (Aug07) when producers shut down a large section of the 105 freeway to shoot a chase sequence, the film, John Hancock, has moved to the heart of Hollywood. The famous boulevard was shut down for three days early on Monday (10Sep07) - and that was bad news for busy commuters who use the area for work. One angry driver tells WENN, "It's bad enough when there's a major premiere on Hollywood Boulevard - that snarls up the traffic. But for three days! "Not everyone in this town is a tourist or a member of the film industry." http://www.actressarchives.com/news.php?id=7892
  10. But who cares about the director? You gotta judge the movie. You are talking about Francis Lawrence and you haven't seen I am Legend yet. We have to wait. Who cares if he is I am Legend's director? Would it be better if Tony Scott had directed that movie? Probably, but we never know because Will is taking his opportunities, what he thinks it's the right choice. We can't blame him. I think the only problem here is that most people don't like to see Will in drama; they prefer comedy and science fiction, but we have to respect his decisions.
  11. Well said Jin. If a movie is great it is great! POH couldn't have had a more appropriate director than Gabriele Muccino. Will is just trying to be a better actor. He doesn't need to work with Spielberg to get that goal. Big names doesn't mean Big movies, please. Well man, thats questionable.
  12. I think Will Smith doesn't need to work with famous directors to make good movies. Like I said, POH was a great movie for me and it wasn't directed by a famous director. Now everyone knows Gabriele Muccino and, most important, Will wants to work with him again. Why? Because he likes playing serious roles, he feels confortable and, why not, he thinks it's the correct way to get the Oscar. There's nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. Anyways it's his career, it's his life. He has to do what he wants to do, and we have to be happy with that. :thumbsup:
  13. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jason Bateman and Peter Berg Discuss Hancock While conducting interviews with Jason Bateman and Peter Berg about their exceptional new film The Kingdom, I was able to get both the actor and the director to spill a little bit about their upcoming Will Smith starring superhero flick, Hancock. Peter Berg is directing the film, which revolves around a hard-living superhero (Smith) who has fallen out of favor with the public. He enters into a questionable relationship with the wife ( Charlize Theron) of a public relations professional (played by Bateman) who's trying to repair his image. The film is going to be huge, as it marks Smith's return to the Independence day holiday, and should help him regain his title as Mr. July 4th. Click below for our exclusive video... http://www.superheroflix.com/news/90/22590.php
  14. :yeahthat: :iagree: You took the words out of my mouth, Max! :thumbsup:
  15. Haha! Nice pic, Brakes. :rofl: How cute. :gettinjiggywitit:
  16. Are you serious? Pursuit was a wonderful movie, and Will did the best interpretation in his whole life. I can't stand Nick Cage... Thanks for the info! :thumbsup:
  17. Cool video. It's also on Youtube: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=4KUKev9jCvo :jazzy:
  18. By Gateway Arts & Entertainment Staff Wednesday, 5 September 2007 DJ Jazzy Jeff The Return of the Magnificent BBE/Rapster I bet recording with DJ Jazzy Jeff is a very organic experience—he’s probably one of those low-pressure producers whom rappers love working with. If Jazzy Jeff—who made a name for himself alongside a young, rapping Will Smith—doesn’t have an unending supply of buddha and video games to spark recording sessions, I wouldn’t be surprised if his studio was on some new-age feng shui **** with yoga mats abound. Either scenario seems equally plausible, and both would lead to the relaxed kind of tracks that are found on The Return of the Magnificent. Nothing on the album sounds forced: the rappers who make an appearance seem to be chosen more because they are friends of the veteran producer and DJ and less because they’re marketable names. The biggest name is probably the half-out-of-his-element Method Man: “Hold It Down” floats above water thanks to his indelible charisma, even though we’ve heard these rhymes before in various shapes and sizes, bad fart jokes and all. Usually on these kinds of albums, the bigger-name guest stars will phone in their verses because they know few fans will hear the songs. But all parties involved sound enthused to be a part of The Return of the Magnificent: Posdnuos (of De La Soul) continues his trend of consistent, workman-like performances on “Let Me Hear U Clap.” Big Daddy Kane lets his voice melt into the funk of “The Garden;” and CL Smooth hasn’t sounded this good since the last time he worked with Pete Rock. This applies to most of the songs on The Return of the Magnificent, besides a few missteps. Smartly, Jeff stays out of the way of the songs, appearing only in humorous skits about his own fame. With open, spacious sounds and Jeff’s utilitarian beats, it’s the type of music you’d only heard on the radio if you had an XM or Sirius subscription. But don’t call it a comeback—Jazzy has been around for years. –Renato Pagnani, Arts & Entertainment Staff http://www.thegatewayonline.ca/cd-reviews-20070905-734.html
  19. :hail: :hail: :hail: One of the best soundtracks of all times. Listening to: Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next :wiggle:
  20. GeeQue Interview w/ K. Smith http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=QPtDxr38W2Y Nice Cap.
  21. Men In Black II :wickedwisdom: "Five dollars guaranteed."
  22. 6 Degrees. WS: - What's your daughter's name? Someone: - Gertrude. WS: - Damn why'd you do that man? :lolsign:
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