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  1. Miguel Melendez to take over management co.

    Miguel Melendez has been named president of Overbrook Management.

    He was tapped for the new post by Overbrook Entertainment managing partners James Lassiter, Will Smith and Ken Stovitz.

    Melendez joined Overbrook in 2001. The management company, a division of Overbrook Entertainment, handles a client base of actors, musicians and hybrids that includes Robin Thicke, Paula Patton, Jada Pinkett Smith and Caleeb Pinkett. Melendez recently recruited Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson to the fold.

    "For the past six years, Miguel has provided our clientele with the finest career guidance and support," Stovitz said. "His instincts and knowledge of this business make him invaluable. Of course, this was the logical next step."

    Before Overbrook, Melendez ran his own his management company, Melendez Entertainment Group.

    Overbrook Entertainment has a first-look deal at Sony and has both film and TV projects in various stages of development and production. Past films include "Hitch" and "The Pursuit of Happyness."



  2. Smith chops Karate Kid rumours


    Will Smith has said that there's not going to be any Karate Kid remake for him or his son, but does reveal that one of his upcoming films is a comedy playing against the brilliantly flat Nicolas Cage.

    Time Share will be a film that follows the hilarious antics of two families who have booked the same holiday. Woohoo! Tie me down and tickle me with a brick.

    Sounds desperately awful, but what is great news is that Will Smith is not doing a remake of The Karate Kid and that his son will not be involved.

    Interestingly the rumour was killed by E!Online at Yahoo News but it revealed something more about the rumour, something I hadn't heard.

    Jackie Chan was being touted as playing Mr. Miyagi. Now that would have been great casting indeed. If there ever is to be a remake, I would get Chan signed up right now, I love that idea.


  3. "I am Legend" elevates SL to new heights


    You need a console for a top-notch game conventional wisdom says...never try a narrative driven concept on a all-things-go platform like SL. The Electric Sheep Company and Warner Brothers said: "naaaaaaah"!!! Judge for yourself if the "I am Legend" Survival Game in SL is really upping the ante. Draxtor was impressed (after he recovered from his vampire wounds).


  4. Warner Bros. launches ‘I Am Legend: Survival’ game playable in Second Life

    Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled an original, online, multiplayer first-person shooter/RPG game playable in Second Life. The largest and most expansive Second Life game ever launched in support of a film release, I Am Legend: Survival transports players into an eerie replica of over 60 acres of New York City set in the chaotic year preceding the movie. The future of mankind hangs in the balance as players choose to play in either of two rival factions, uninfected and infected. Uninfected characters must fight to survive as they desperately seek the cure for the terrible virus that is destroying mankind. Infected characters have only one objective: to stop uninfected characters at all costs.

    The game features player-customizable avatars loosely based on characters in the film and New York City-based environments that change and expand over time, and supports both voice and text chat for in-game multiplayer communication. The game is available as a free download.

    I Am Legend: Survival is inspired by the upcoming feature film “I Am Legend,” starring Will Smith as Robert Neville.



    Warner Bros. has provided The Continuum a look at the first I Am Legend online comics story from DC Comics' Vertigo imprint that debuts on Thursday.

    According to the studio, plans are for a new I Am Legend story to appear online every week leading up to the film's release on Dec. 14.

    Here's how the stories are set up:

    "A deadly virus has taken hold of the world -- rejected by a few (the immune), killing many (the dead) and leaving the rest (the infected) -- who live on to hunt the living, after dark. These are voices paying homage to Richard Matheson's classic novel. This is the experience of a dying mankind and the foretelling of a new world before we meet the legend, Robert Neville."

    To read the complete story, CLICK HERE:


  6. hitchoe7.jpg

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Will Smith is developing a sitcom based on "Hitch," the hit 2005 romantic comedy in which he played a professional "date doctor."

    Smith is attached to executive produce the small-screen version, but will not star. The project is expected to be pitched to the networks shortly.

    The project is set up at Smith's production company, Overbrook Entertainment. Other shows in development include: "Uncle Rudy," a family comedy starring Big Boi of the hip-hop duo OutKast; "Raw Materials," a relationship comedy for ABC; "Almost," a supernatural drama for A&E; and "Gimmee Twenty," a special starring investment guru Mellody Hobson, at ABC News.

    Reuters/Hollywood Reporter


  7. So you're basically saying you're a better fan just because you are on this board. That's funny man.

    Yo dude, ease up Julie a little. It sounds to me like the person that asked the address wasn't that serious. Of course everyone has the right to ask anything they want, but its hard know when to take someone seriously over the net because you can't hear their tone of voice. Julie isn't sayin she is a better fan just because she comes on this forum, but merely that 99% of everyone on the WS board are just teenage girls that think he is hot or dudes that just listened to Switch for the first time and decided to check it out. This forum is a place for people that are Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince fans, that have been down with his music since Rock the House.

    Maybe the WS board was full of teenage girls some time ago, or people who didn't know too much about Will, but now it's different. Sometimes there are pointless topics, but that happens in every forum, like in this one for example. I've seen people spamming here too. It's not so strange. But if you go to ws.com now you'll find a cool place with nice people, some of them are members on jjfp.com too. The site is very updated, and there are loads of interesting threads. The problem here is that you think that site hasn't changed, and you'll hate it forever although y'all don't know what's going on there right now. There are good members on there, believe it or not, and like I said people who don't want a good relationship between the two sites are not so good fans.

  8. Site a 'Legend' for iPhone
    WB develops unique online promo

    Warner Bros. is targeting the appetite of iPhone users in their marketing blitz for the upcoming "I Am Legend," starring Will Smith.

    The studio hired ad agency Crew Creative to develop a site that mimics the movie's promotional online site but is specifically designed to be viewed on Apple's mobile device.

    The film's official site will be able to recognize whether a user is trying to access the Web site from an iPhone or a computer. The iPhone user will be directed automatically to the custom iPhone site, which includes a synopsis of the film, photo gallery, custom iPhone wallpapers, an RSS feed and a link to an iPhone-compatible trailer on Apple.com.

    It also offers a "daylight meter," a feature inspired from the movie's story line where Will Smith's character -- a brilliant scientist who is the last human survivor in New York after a virus has turned everyone into night-walking mutants -- must complete his tasks in the daylight, forcing him to constantly count down the remaining hours.

    The widget feature, found on the site at iamlegend.warnerbros.com, tells the current time, daylight hours left and how many days remaining until the film opens.

    "The iPhone allows a pleasing visual experience, particularly for the panoramas of New York City that we've created for the site," Warner Bros. senior vp interactive marketing Don Buckley said. "It is a step in the natural progression of giving consumers information when and where they want it."

    Jenny Wall, Crew Creative president of interactive marketing, said that in the case of "Legend," the iPhone is particularly suited as a promotional medium.

    "This film is about technology and takes place in the future, so this site really makes sense," Wall said.

    "I Am Legend," which is scheduled to open Dec. 14, is directed by Francis Lawrence and co-stars Alice Braga and Dash Mihok.

    Crew Creative has been involved on the marketing campaigns for such films as "The Prestige," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Ray."


  9. Like someone said..."If ANYONE has a question, they have a right to ask it, no matter how stupid or insignificant it may be". Have you got any problem with gay people? For me, it's not an insult. When Will heard about these rumors, he laughed. That's what we all gotta do, simple as.

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