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  1. Great topic!
    I remember the times, too - some good ol' good ol' times...! I had bought the album on amazon, I had preordered it and just couldn't wait until it comes out and arrives at my home thru the postman. This time seemed endless to me, it was just a few weeks but these few weeks were like forever...like never ending! Then when I finally had gotten the CD I immediately had to throw it into my sound system and listen to it. While listenin' I was so surprised, amazed and happy at the same time. I couldn't believe my ears, just couldn't believe how sick Will was rapping on that disc - so classic!!!

    PS: I remember how I came to this forum to post about it and tell my opinion 'bout the album, too!

  2. What happened here people?? Did we just give up?? We need to keep trying to convince Will to rap again, we can't give up now, hip hop needs Fresh Prince on top again!!! The 5 years of hip hop since the release of "Lost & Found" have been the worst years ever, we need some kind of life in the game again

    Yeah, that's true...!

    We want Will in Hip Hop business again! =)

  3. Yeah, how do u back out of a tradition like that? I just heard "Men In Black" on the radio over the weekend. With evidence that he's been in the studio recently and scattered performances over the years and regardless of him saying he's not rapping any more, it seems very likely that a new song is in order. More music to follow.

    Maybe he was just talkin' like that when he said that he doesn't rap anymore, maybe he didn't mean that seriously. It could be that he wants to surprise us or something, who knows?!... =)

  4. Well ive just had this little thought in the back of my head during Wills time off. Hes a workaholic, i cant help but think he must have been working on something during those 18 months off. I know hes had the karate kid, but maybe just maybe hes been in the studio.

    I'm sure he was and if he wasn't, he'll still be! :)

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