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  1. Thanks for the welcomes and thanks so much for the transcript! I cant wait to read!! =)
  2. Hey everyone :) This is my first post and Im a huge huge Will Smith fan. Today I was watching Michael Parkinson (for those who dont know, it's a British interview show) and I saw that Will Smith was in the beginning of it as the intro, showing all the people who Parkie has interviewed in the past... and I was just wondering if anyone has a video of it on mpg or something. I've looked through youtube ... Parkinson always does fantastic, funny and interesting interviews so I'm very interested to see what he and Will talked about -- sooooo if someone has it, how would you feel about sharing? Otherwise, hello to everyone :D and I'm I hope I'll post here more. I'm from Australia and really wish Will could come over here.... I only became a HUGE fan after I bought "Lost and found" during my trip to California last year, but have always liked him since his Fresh Prince days (And in fact am always watching reruns of FPof Belair in my spare time). Anyhoo. I hope someone can help! Jess
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