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  1. How come you gotta go? Too bad man. You seem to be a good member

    i've been having problems with my laptop so i'm going to get it fixed... but i don't want anyone to take my leaving the wrong way, this is one of my favorite sites to visit i come here nerly every day if theirs been any news or not i'm always gonna support this site weither it's a daily visit or posting on the boards but anyway thanks again, for the warm welcome's and the love y'all showed!!!

  2. sorry everyone but i'm leaving the boards... i know i just joined a while ago but i have to leave i still had fun while i was here you guys made me feel like part of the fam i appreciate y'all keep repin jjfp to the fullest peace y'all oh yeah i'm still gonna pick that shirt up!

  3. That's interesting. I wonder if there's anything 2 this. Either way, i'm pretty sure that if this is an FP song, it's never been released in a way that anyone has heard it.

    And why would Puffy leave FP trax off the soundtrack...easy...cuz he's an idiot. We've known this for over 10 years.

    know wonder the soundtrack sucked then... hey aj, do you or tim know how many tracks will recorded for the soundtrack if this is a real song i wonder if well ever get to here it.

  4. hey what's up brakes i know i'm new here to the forum but i gotta say dude you got skills nice video , and performance bro!

    Thanks alot dude! Appreciate that!

    now problem fam. i also heard a couple of your tracks from the music podcast they were dope! i like the fact that you don't curse in your rhymes to.

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