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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. yeah i saw this through the weekend real late at nigt tho... very nice house but when will here's about this he might wanna have those guy's kyle was with arrested for tresspasing

    nah, what the hell - they weren't trespassing, they were with a person who lived in the house! For all we know Will might know these people, let them in the house, chill with them... drink beers in the studio with them, how we gonna know?? There were ridiculously overhyping Kyle tho :lol:, and that little buggy... :rofl:

    i see what your saying jonny, if will's cool with his nephew's friends and lets tthem come over and all but i don't think he's cool with them filming his house and putting it on the internet ... but yeah it was hilarius the way they were overhyping kyle k.smith the man the man k.smith namean. :rofl:

  2. Well...LL was on Stage with 50 tonight. They gave out Best Female Video award.

    yeah, i saw little bit of that when i clicked on the awards last night... the hole time i was thinking please LL say it ain't so i don't think i'll be checking for the re-runs this weekend.

  3. Yeah I was 16.. first couple of ppl who e-mailed would have been AJ and then Vipa.. and some other ppl..i wonder what ever happened 2 em.. of course back then it was a dedication to a group that had finished.. its been a great 10 years of JJFP when you think about it.. 2007 could be the best yet :gettinjiggywitit:

    and what's coming in 2007 hehe...

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