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  1. His arms are huge, but that is nothing compared to some of the guys that are in this muscle magazine I have. There was this one guys whose butt looks like one huge muscle. Guys that musclar are just disgusting. :tantrum:
  2. It's kind of funny because when I think of Will I don't think of his music career. Well, you don't want to know what I think of when I think of Will :kekeke: :hmm: .
  3. Okay here's my five: 1) I Robot 2) Bad Boys 2 3) Bad Boys 4) Independence Day 5) Men in Black And Men in Black II sneaks in at #6.
  4. If they make a biography film of Will Smith, then Will should play himself.
  5. After Will, I would say Hilary. I wanted to be just like her, except smart.
  6. Will is my love, my everyting. Of course, he's way funnier than Jazz. No offense, because Jazz is super funny as well. He's just no Will.
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