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  1. give me some more acapellas and ill do some more...the others were alot of fun;)
  2. yall just let me know im down for w.e....i also made a my space page for me and my production partner...check it out when you get a chance http://www.myspace.com/jandx
  3. thanks alot....its always good to get love from fans....i plan on doing other remixes....any requests....if you supply the pella i could see what i can do....in the meantime check out my muzik page on soundclick MY BEATS
  4. hi....im jNite....just thought i introduce myself...been a fan of will's for years....the reason why i chose to go that direction with the PS remix is because i believe there is a message inside the party track and hes saying alot about the current state of hip hop....so i wanted to make it more serious and more dramtic, because everyone was just doing party vibes...however as you can see in the Wild Wild West remix i spiced things up a bit :1-say-yes:
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