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  1. strange fruit project is awesome! I been on there bandwagon since I saw em in miami.. special with 9th wonder is special! the 1st dead prez album is one of my all time favs!!

    Yeah, I just finished that album today. I'm loving it. Better than I thought it would be, and I'm glad I decided to pick it up. It definitely balances one's Hip Hop diet after listening to Boot Camp Clik, Busta, Rhymefest, etc. :davidblaine:

  2. Here I some albums I've bought lately that I recommend...

    Rhymefest- Blue Collar

    Boot Camp Clik- Last Stand

    Strange Fruit Project- The Healing

    A-Team- Who Reframed the A-Team?

    Sunz of Man- The Old Testament

    Busta Rhymes- The Big Bang

    Lord Jamar- The 5% Album

    want to get:

    Oh No- Exodus into Unheard Rhythms

    Bronze Nazareth- The Great Migration

    Chief Kamachi- The Concrete Gospel

    Inspectah Deck- The Resident Patient

    all have come out within the last 2 months or so

  3. Well it's either listen to someone else very different experiences from me or listen to some white boys piss and moan about how bad their life is in the suburbs. I would rather hear someone else's experiences, not similar to my own meaningless worries played out in a punk rock/emo/pop format. It's like how compelling is the music? Like a movie, I would rather have something that is somewhat compelling, or else not waste my time.

  4. This is the part that really scares me:

    <Rothschild also envisions a day when every farm animal is bar-coded, which would enable producers to better track their herds and more quickly trace the source of outbreaks like mad cow disease. The bar codes also would let the breeders pamper the top pigs with better feed and sort them from the run-of-the-mill animals.>

    I know religions won't agree with this, plus the thought of bar-coded animals makes me sick to my stomach.

  5. I know much of Hip Hop for years has been anti-swine, and I myself don't even eat pork nor beef, but I just wanted people to see this and see what they think of it...I got it off Yahoo:

    <<Genome Technology Heads to the Table By PAUL ELIAS, AP Biotechnology Writer

    Sun Apr 30, 3:16 PM ET

    AMES, Iowa - Max Rothschild has been trying to "build" a better pig for almost 30 years, since he took a job cleaning up after the hogs at his alma mater, the University of California, Davis.


    He's now a renowned swine scientist who has traded the dirty pigpens of his undergraduate days for a glistening Iowa State University laboratory dedicated to producing tastier chops, safer pork and healthier pigs.

    Rothschild is part of a national collaboration that earlier this year received a $10 million federal grant to map pig genes. Researchers from the University of Illinois-led project promise it will help take the guesswork out of breeding.

    The idea is to find and exploit the genetic variations of the best pigs, which Rothschild and like-minded agricultural researchers say will radically change the industry.

    Already, chicken and cow genomes — complete genetic maps of each species — have been published, and race horse breeders have applied to the National Human Genome Research Institute for a grant to run an equine DNA sequence. Most animal genetic sequences are now done with the support of the institute because of its expertise, and comparing animal genomes to the human genome helps with medical research.

    Mapping the roughly 30,000 genes in each animal requires extracting the genetic material from its blood. The DNA is then replicated many times over and run through a computer known as a sequencer, which spits out the swine's genetic makeup in a code of four letters — T, A, C, G — representing the nucleotides that comprise DNA.

    Even before the pig genome is completed sometime next year, top commercial producers such as Pig Improvement Co. and Monsanto Inc. are using preliminary results from genetic screens to see if they can determine which pigs are the tastiest before they are butchered. The screens will also be used to manage herds and make breeding decisions, among other improvements.

    "They can now look inside the pig," Rothschild said. "They are both building better pigs with this technology."

    Rothschild previously discovered a gene variation that causes sows to produce more piglets per litter than average. He developed a test for the variation that is now widely used throughout the industry, and he said it could be useful in the Third World.

    "The developing world wants to eat meat," Rothschild said. "And there's only one way to produce it — grow more animals."

    Rothschild also envisions a day when every farm animal is bar-coded, which would enable producers to better track their herds and more quickly trace the source of outbreaks like mad cow disease. The bar codes also would let the breeders pamper the top pigs with better feed and sort them from the run-of-the-mill animals.

    Poultry producers and cattle ranchers are also developing genetic screens that will show them which animals are more prone to carry the best meat.

    Minnesota-based Cargill Inc., which supplies about 20 percent of the nation's beef, is working on a genetic screen to sort its cattle by the quality of their meat, something that can't be done now until the animal is slaughtered.

    Cargill is testing the screen on 30,000 of its cattle. If it works, the company can reserve the best feed and care for its prime beef producers, or ensure that the best animals mate with each other.

    Animal breeding is still largely an art, rather than a science, despite centuries of practice.

    "There is a lot of guesswork and shots in the dark when we are making breeding decisions," Cargill's Ben Brophy told executives and scientists at a biotechnology convention in Chicago on April 11. "Trends are definitely moving from a low-technology production to high-technology production."

    Developing tests that eliminate the vagaries of animal husbandry could increase the value of high-end cattle by $300, an increase of more than 30 percent. That's a significant premium in the low-margin cattle industry.

    "That difference is substantial," Brophy said.

    Using genetics to make scientific breeding decisions had remained an elusive goal until after President Clinton unveiled the Human Genome Project in a Rose Garden ceremony in 2000.>>

  6. Whatever one believes is fine with me...I just hope that each person gives back in their own way for an hour or two on the weekend...whether it be going to Church, praying, reading the bible, or just taking a couple hours out of our hectic weekends to spend in solitude, deep thought, or whatnot. If you don't want to go to a Church, fine. I don't think it's for everybody.

    My whole high school years I barely went at all and loathed it, now I go at least once a week and am a lector and core member of the teen group. So, I've been on both extremes now, so I can see where exactly I'll fit in in the future. I just don't appreciate when somebody gives me crap about going to Church so frequently when I know they sit on their ass on Sundays and drink their minds numb or whatever. I just feel useless when I don't give a little time back every once in a while in appreciation of all the fun and blessings that I've had during the week. At least that's how I see it...

  7. What, Eminem's only been in the game since 98/99? Way to early for anyone to nominate him, especially when he's showing obvious signs of falling off. Talib and Mos Def haven't been in the game for all that long yet either, plus they've both been falling off quite hard lately (Mos musically at least). Talib only seems to shine on other people's albums of late. Of course MTV had to include Jay-Z and Eminem on their list, those two been carrying their station since 2000 basically. So does that automatically make them all-time royalty accepted by everyone? Hell, Public Enemy carried MTV (Yo Mtv Raps) late 80s/early 90s, but they showed no love at all for Chuck D. Him not even getting an honorable mention, and JayZ at #1 almost make this list a laughingstock. :stickpoke:

    sorry this was my post :sipread:

  8. I don't know if anyone missed this, but Jay-Z's flow, at least over his last few albums, was dreadfully boring. That, coupled with the fact that he just kept boasting more and more about himself, started to turn me off his music. Anyhow, for right now here's my list for top 10 all time MC's (I even submitted this to MTV):

    not exactly in particular order:

    > Rakim

    > Ice Cube

    > Common

    > Tupac

    > AZ

    > Nas

    > Aceyalone

    > KRS-One

    > O.C.

    > Chuck D

    honorable mentions:

    Masta Ace, Notorious BIG, Killah Priest, LL Cool J, Big L, Guru, Ice T, Big Pun, Gza, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Scarface, Fresh Prince

  9. I love Family Guy, but you gotta admit it's kind of a ripoff of the Simpsons. Family Guy can be funnier because it's raunchier, the Simpsons try to keep it family-friendly, somewhat :hmm: . I thought this movie wouldn't come out until after the end of the Simpsons series, which is supposed to go for at least 2 more years. But I'm not mad at that, the sooner the better!

  10. Public Enemy was inducted in the first year. Apparently, some of you guys have slept on this annual show. It's gonna be the third induction this year.

    What's with the crying over Wu-Tang's induction. You're missing a large chunk of HipHop's history if you leave them out, together and separate. They have made an impact both commercially and underground. Weren't we just talking about Ghostface's new cd last week? Oh yeah, and Gza probably had the best rap cd of 2005, U-God had a cd come out last year. These guys are still making an impact in the game and it's time to be recognized.

  11. I hope this is better than New Whirl Odor, I liked that album at the time, but I have no desire to listen to it again. It showed PE at their tiredest. This Paris one is fresh. Don't get caught up in the damn statistics..."oh Paris has 3 solo tracks, Chuck isn't on 4 of them, Flavor's only on 6, Griff's only on one" who cares? Just listen to the whole thing through and see how it sounds. Don't get caught in the statistics of it, get caught up in the sound ballistics! Boo ya

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