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  1. Yeah, Finding Forrester was pretty tight. There are way too many and my moods change too often to ever come up with a list of my ten favorite movies. One thing I noticed: no FP movies on either list? b/c I think Bad Boys II would be in my top 10 somewhere

  2. mine:

    - worked full time and went to school full time all year (took my first summer school class as well)

    - same job (was promoted a while ago, now I have stagnated in this position)

    - had a girlfriend from work for about three months

    - became more comfortable with the opposite sex overall

    - watched my sister go off to college in Ohio, she is back now till mid-January

    - bought a plane ticket for my friend in Army which he has yet to pay me back for

    - continued to not drink, only had about three alcoholic drinks all year

    - solidified in refraining from red meat (I think I ate beef maybe twice all year and no pork at all)

    - expanded my tastes, began to like more vegetables and shrimp as well

    - lived the whole year in my parents house, ready to move out in a few months

    - many complications with car

    - treated myself before the year's end by buying an Apple iMac (with a decent Cyber Acoustic speaker system) which I am typing from at this moment

    - became less reliant on TV and movies, although it has picked up of late

    - continued going to church and involved in ministry, went on two awesome retreats as well

    - lost touch with more friends, some came back into my life, but I tended to go out on weekends less overall

    - juggled insecurity and confidence a little more than the previous year

    - overall: everything's on an even keel...as it should be, much to be grateful for

  3. Sean Price "Jesus Price Superstar," X-Clan "Return to Mecca," Talib Kweli "Eardrum," a new Pharoahe Monch album, new Planet Asia, Chamillionaire, another PE album, and definitely a Common's upcoming summer album called "Finding Forever," which I think will completely shake up the industry. Also, keeping my fingers crossed for a Freestyle Fellowship reunion. The Ultramagnetic MC's have a reunion album coming soon, but I haven't heard much good about it.

  4. Voice is quite important to a rapper, but you can't always write one off because of an awkward voice. Eminem, Jay-Z, T.I.,etc. I don't like all too much because their voices are quite annoying. Chino XL is a helluva lyricist, but his voice is pretty annoying too. Others like Sadat X...weird voice; great rapper, love his flow, unique. Just thinking about this topic, Chali 2na has such a great voice for rapping, doesn't he?

  5. I think Flavor Flav's next show should be something loosely scripted. I imagine something in digital and maybe from the perspective of a white family that lives next door. It should be called "Flav is My Neighbor." Flav should befriend some adolescent boy of the family, and they should chill and do wacky things together, like Flav throwing parties and such.

    Any good ideas for Flav's next show? Does he deserve to have one at all? Is there already a FOL 3 planned? I'm not sure...start the rumors...

  6. I'm not usually a big chip eater...but Doritos has been coming out with bomb ass flavors lately. The new Jalepeno Cheddar and Buffalo Spicy Ranch are very good. The most suprising was the Sweet Chile flavor, it's my new favorite. It reminds me of an oriental spice to it. Too bad it's only for a limited time. And when I want somethin really spicy, I turn to the Habanero ones. Man, I sound like I work for them or something, but I'm really impressed by these new flavors. What do y'all think?

  7. I always bought albums and still do, but I'm running out of room to keep all the cases. So now I've got an eMusic subscription, where at least I pay a little bit to download the songs. It's all independent/underground music too. You know what's funny?: it's amazing how few songs I've downloaded actually stick in my head and are memorable. It's become rather disposable.

    Take for example: I downloaded CL Smooth's "Smoke In the Air" song and didn't think much of it, then I later bought the cd and that is one of my favorite songs; when I listen to it within the context of the whole cd.

    Artists like the Game, Jay-Z, and such I will probably just get a copy from someone who bought or downloaded it. These artists sell enough units as it is, and they're nowhere near my favorites, but if someone is praising their new work, then I get curious and ask for a copy. I would download them, but eMusic doesn't feature major-label artists. I don't feel guilty about getting their work for free through. If it's turns out really good, then perhaps I'll buy their next album or sumpn.

  8. I liked Flav's album. Still going through it...it's rather long, but some of the songs just bang! Got some suprisingly tight beats. Some of the songs are older but since this should be his only solo ever, might as well get all the tracks in that he can. There are two songs where he sings that are good: Let It Show, Two Wrongs.

    Check out:

    Let It Show

    Flavor Man

    Two Wrongs

    Wonder Why

    No Loot

    Hot 1 (beat and bass are ridiculous on this one!)

    Platnum (played many times on Flavor of Love spots)

    Get Up on the Dance Floor

    Hotter Than Ice (a wacky country-satirical song)

  9. It was a nice show! It really gave Hip Hop a sense of importance, especially with honoring behind-the-scenes type cats like Russell Simmons and Afrika Bambaataa. It wasn't as good as last year's (BDK's performance is still rockin in my memory), but excellent nonetheless.

    Maybe this can be a new thread, but I'm gonna speculate on who should be honored next year:

    Tribe or De La Soul (most likely, the Tribe)

    Gang Starr

    Snoop Dogg or Dr. Dre (maybe both)

    Kurtis Blow

    Kool Moe Dee or Treacherous Three

    Too Short (perhaps)


    Freestyle Fellowship

    JJFP perhaps

    Brand Nubian

    The Roots will be honored within the next 3 years

    Queen Latifah

  10. Yeah, f*** liquor man. Anyways, I got the album, didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me. The definitive hot song is "Real," everything else is melodic. Jay-Z was mediocre as was the song he was on, other than the beat. I still think Rhymefest's album was better.

    Who's ready for Sadat X's and CL Smooth's new albums to come out?

  11. NICE video!...but this was definitely my least favorite song from the album. Casual and Del sound like they're half asleep. A Plus is the only one who brings any enthusiam to the track.

    Anyways, I was thinking about starting a new thread, but here I will just recommend checking out that 2K7 soundtrack done by Dan the Automator. The Ghostface, Aceyalone, E-40 and Lupe songs are dope. Mos Def's might just be the best one, and the "Lyrics To Go" remix is absolutely sick. The editing is quite annoying, but get over it.

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