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  1. My top 2007 albums are:

    1. Talib Kweli - Ear Drum

    2. X Clan - Return From Mecca

    3. UGK - Underground Kingz

    4. Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

    5. Kanye West - Graduation

    6. Polyrhythm Addicts - Break Glass

    7. Wisemen - Wisemen Approaching

    8. Pharoahe Monch - Desire

    9. Busdriver - RoadkillOvercoat

    10. Black Milk - Popular Demand

  2. well nothing exciting for me in the rap category..but for rnb theres some jazzy jeff connections with raheem, musiq, jill scott, carvin & ivan and vikter duplaix all nominated!

    You don't like Common? I know Finding Forever is far from his best, but it's about time man gets his just dues.

  3. This is an older album that is just now getting released. It was actually made near the time of "Foundation" but shelved. The album's ok and Brand Nubian is still possibly my favorite group. However, the beats were pretty lousy and can get a little boring if you're not in the right mood for it. There are some dope songs, but not a lot of energy was brought to the table here. It is funny how there's a "Girls, Girls, Girls" on here that Jay-Z would bite the hook for like 3 years later. LOL, that ol' bitin' Jay-Z!

  4. I wanted to give 50 a chance, after I saw him buildin with KRS on Rap City and all, but looking at the song titles and listening to the 30-sec snippets on iTunes, it sounds like he's doing the same 'ol ish. Too bad. I was hoping he'd come a little more grounded.

    I got a question: if I haven't bought either of Kanye's first two albums and heard them in their entirety, is there any point in buying this one (other than to spite 50)?

  5. I have it and it's decent, but nowhere near the top album of this year. It starts out really well the first 5 songs or so but kind of levels off after that. I always appreciate the jazz fusion effort, and this is easily better than Guru's last solo album. Vol.2 is still the absolute classic of the bunch.

    As far as album of the year, have you heard the new Talib yet? Wait to hear that b4 nominating any other album as best of the year!

  6. The movie was solid, about what I'd expected out of it. I was told by a few beforehand that it sucked, but I went and saw it and the three other people with me and I all enjoyed it. The first half was hilarious. I still think Chuck and Larry is the funniest movie I've seen all year.

  7. I've liked their lineups each of the three years (they've done a good job of mixing old-school with the commercial to the gangster rappers) but I agree this year's lineup is weak. They don't have any major influence to round it out. Have the Roots or De La been honored yet? How 'bout Kool Moe Dee. And, oh yeah...Common's been in the game since '92. Wtf where's Brand Nubian? I'm about to put my foot in someone's ...

  8. Anything with Adam Sandler I avoid like the plague..

    Normally I'd agree with that, but the serious tone of "Click" was welcome and this movie has Kevin James- we all saw what he could do in Hitch. I think you should try and see this.

    With what AJ was saying, "Knocked Up" was fraught with potty humor and stoner humor that brought it down a couple notches for me. "Chuck and Larry" felt more original.

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