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  1. Hey boys and girls will smith is making another called badboys 3 which might comes out next year :thumbsup:
  2. Hi I got a problem I cant what the new song of will smith : :worried:
  3. yeah but my mum and dad dont have credit cards i already wrote a letter to the councle but they wont do something about it so i get pissed off and just downloaded it
  4. My favorit song of will smith is all of them :dope:
  5. look i didnt steal from him i only download his music to make it easyer for me because where i live the shops are so small it cant get thro with my wheelchair :tednmax:
  6. look i dont care if i downloaded or buy it people are different and i'm still a fan of will smith :tednmax:
  7. fast way haha i got lime wire its fast and easya lol
  8. i downloaded some more will smith songs :dope:
  9. Ok cool i just download some more will smith songs
  10. Is Will Smith making another movie in 2006 or 2005
  11. I dont if he is already moved to his new house the last time i saw him was on the tv and he said he id buliding a house :dope:
  12. I think so but the last time hear from will smith was on the and he said he is buliding a new house so i dont realy now if will already moved . :dope:
  13. yeah the new house of will smith is biger i also know where he lives in califonia :dope:
  14. hi my name is kai and i'm a big fan of will smith i got some posters of will smith on my wall i have his hole song s i also like his hole movies he made even hitch and i want to become an actor like will smith. i want to go to a drama school in usa and after drama school i want go to hollywood and did you know that will smith is buliding a biger house i know lots of willsmith any qustion about will smith u can ask me and might can give u an answer :azzangel: from ur friend kai
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