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  1. If you listend to the whole album found and lost it's the most powerful album will smith has made in his carrer
  2. Hey does any body have the new album from will called found and lost? I have bin listening to all of his songs from the album found and lost. I like every song of it but my favorit songs switch , here he comes, mrs holy roller , sceary story, party starter, I wish I made that and is the sixth seasion of fresh prince out in usa yet ?
  3. yea that is good news oh by the way how can I listen to the internet radio ? because its always offline . :2thumbs:
  4. I didnt that snoop dog raps with wil smith? I was a bit surprised about it . Oh yeah does any body know what will smith next movie is oing to be ? Think its badboys 3? what do u guys think?
  5. hi do u know when will smith is having his next tour? from kai
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