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  1. this was years ago this was originally posted but if anyones got it, send to kontempt@inbox.com and we can have some fun with it. thanks
  2. No Orders Quoting Will Smith As Yet.... Good chance to get your hands on these will smith rarities.... http://www.website-dev.co.uk/kontempt/prod...xtapes&paging=1 C'mon People :D
  3. Email me at the usual address brakes. thanks Definition.
  4. Thanks Buddy. All support is crucial and much appreciated. Kon
  5. £4.99 (plus £2 p&p) = £6.99 But that will come with both cds, or a vinyl and will smith cd depending on your order. and be shipped out to anywhere. and of course "The Remix Demon" is far from your average remix cd, it comes with a mixture of crazy and unique blends, and also has original kon-tempt recordings. so its a mixed bag that suits a wide spectrum Thanks for allowing me to advertise. And can i take this opportunity to say that anyone looking to release a cd/mixtape. Kontempt.co.uk is now looking to take on other stock and help to sell it. Da brakes, ur album included! Thanks Buddy.
  6. "THE REMIX DEMON " SPECIAL OFFER :dj: To Celebrate The Official Launch Of The KONTEMPT.CO.UK Online Shop, We Are Now Offering A Buy 2 Get One Free Offer On Any Kon-Tempt Product Currently Available. Kon-Tempt - The Remix Demon Mixtape Kon-Tempt - The Remix Demon EP (VINYL) All Products Can Be Securely Purchased Online Via "Pay Pal" Using any bank card, And can be shipped to anywhere in the world..... But more specifically for the fans here at www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com with EVERY order which quotes WILL SMITH, I Will Send Out a bonus CD free of charge with every will smith remix in the KON-TEMPT library, and cover its P&P! :rockon: All you need to do is visit this link and make your order!..... http://www.website-dev.co.uk/kontempt/prod...xtapes&paging=1 Thank You Everyone Kon
  7. they always say orange doesnt have a rhyme word, but i think lozenge comes pretty close. but then i suppose that depends on ur chosen regional dialect and how you pronounce it. round here we would say orange as aw-ringe and lozenge as in loz-inge any one get closer?
  9. New Link @ http://www.savefile.com/files3.php?fid=3840971 my remix collection is back online and ready for download. thanks. Look out for my new da brakes mix. sounding real nice
  10. I Wish! This May Be Overenthusiastic Thinking But If Anyone Might Know Of A Place/Site/Company Interested. I'd Naturally Like To Get In touch. Im slowly but surely adding all the links back up with external hosting to each file, but it shouldnt disrupt the downloads too much. party starter remix is now back up, so if anyone missed it the first time. great chance to get it again. thanks buddy. Kon
  11. Yeah man, all the remixes crashed my bandwith! so im going to need to upload them all elsewhere on the net and just put a link on my site to them for the time being. shouldnt disrupt the process any when done. thanks buddy.
  12. I got a good few will smith instrumentals, email me at kontempt@kontempt.co.uk and i will send on. ones i seem to have are: SUMMERTIME SWITCH WILL 2 K BLACK SUITS COMIN MEN IN BLACK GETTIN JIGGY WIT IT AND YES MY FRIEND, MIAMI TOO....... WWW.KONTEMPT.CO.UK
  13. Thanks Guys. I know i bring y'all mostly straight forward blends but you dudes love big willy n mr jeff so i dont like to mess round with what u've grown up on too much ya know. perhaps after ive done individual blends of all the pellas i got, ill make a big mash up of will smith with a ton of pellas and beats etc. if u check my site u will see on the my remix pages the av8 style of party breaks i do when need be, if the beat was hype enough and "will" enough, would that be something you guys would get down on? all and any requests are welcome. Just get me at kontempt@kontempt.co.uk thank you
  14. KON-TEMPT REMIX: Will Smith Feat. Biz Markie & Slick Rick - So Phat & Fresh (Missy Elliot Remix) DIRECT LINK: http://www.website-dev.co.uk/kontempt/remi...TEMPT.CO.UK.mp3 PAGE LINK: http://www.website-dev.co.uk/kontempt/remixes.asp?paging=4 Tried to keep the same vibe as the original with the similiar styles and scratching etc, Was Mixed Down On A Pretty Raw Old Skool Vibe, Hopefully You All Enjoy It In Some Way. Thank You Kon-Tempt www.kontempt.co.uk :dj:
  15. seems its getting slept on boss, get me another pella soon and we'll do summit else
  16. I assumed i did, but on checking. it doesnt seem to be here. can u please send to bigpoppawalker@hotmail.com Tim it appears the will2k acapella is missing also, can u please send again
  17. Yeah boss i got it, definately gonna use that for a remix
  18. Does any one else have any rare will smith pellas that havent been mentioned yet? thanks in advance
  19. Acid Pro 5 By Sony Formerly known as Sonic Foundarys Acid Pro
  20. Thanks Buddy. Been at it a few years now. Like anything else. its all about practise ya know. any chance of peeping some of your work? a good remix is priceless entertainment. always nice to come across other remixers. get at me kontempt@kontempt.co.uk
  21. Ok so we talking a heavy beat with a touch of jazz for this will mix, everyone agreed? wheres a good place to look for a "touch of jazz" ?
  22. Yeah buddy ill do something with Freakin It. Ill try remember that brief. Thanks, Always get at me with any requests. more than happy to take them on, especially for the people on this forum. Most Positive bunch of Music Fans i think i've seen on any forum for any artist. Is this the strength of big willies influence? :) Kon.
  23. JUST CRUISIN AND SO FRESH sound great buddy, if they are mp3s then u could just upload them sumwhere for me, very much appreciated buddy. Kon
  24. I've got freakin it and switch reggae buddy but i dont think will2k, can u send to my email please. thanks buddy. Kon
  25. Another Kon/Will Remix Uploaded to WWW.KONTEMPT.CO.UK Will Smith - Men In Black DIRECT LINK: http://www.website-dev.co.uk/kontempt/remi...ld%20Remix).mp3 PAGE LINK: http://www.website-dev.co.uk/kontempt/remixes.asp?paging=4 Thank You Kon "Tim thanks for the section in the news page, can u please add this one too, thank u"
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