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Wicked Wisdom

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[font="Arial"][color=blue]Here's a link to Jada's band, [url="http://www.wickedwisdom.net/default.asp"]Wicked Wisdom[/url]

From what all I've read on old articles, Wicked Wisdom performs in the California area, and maybe Southern Cali too,...and now scheduled to tour, and open for Brittney Spears.

I would like to hear a few small live clips of their music,to get an idea of what their sound is ...

3cookies [/color][/font]

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I like their song called taste your fruit(the only song i 've heard complete) .
it's very good 4 them to open Britney's concerts, i guess they will sing live not like Britney( i like her music but her voice.....)Jada has a better voice than her, just my opinion :peace:

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