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joe/ted vs prince/devilsjim

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Guest Prince
Yo, me and Jim are gonna swap places for this round, so I spit first... the rules say up to 32 lines, so I'm gonna do 16...

New order:


I've had enough of the scheming, I have no successor, come meet the aggressor//
Your rhymes have no meaning, like a lecture, written by a mute professor//
My flow is unbreakable, my talent and style both purely un-fake-able//
My lyrics unmistakable, my freestyles are clever and truly unshakable//
I spit fire which leaves you grazed, waiting for the inevitable K.O.//
I stare unflinching and unfazed, mentally marking your body “John Doe”//
I’m above the rest, the opposition could be shown in a laughable TV show//
A battle of the best, my lyrics leaving you trembling from head to toe//
I won the first freestyle by election, so here’s my rhymes resurrection//
I see you running for protection, your mind blank without recollection//
Prince then Jim there’s the connection, we’re bringing the perfection//
Burn your fungal infection, and not a sign of regret upon my complexion//
My flow is disarming, my skill and talent nothing less than charming//
My words alarming, my position and purpose in this competition harming//
At the end of it all I’m the one that’s being the proper and true assailant//
I’m the one that’s ripping y’all and comes out the one and only prevalent…// Edited by Prince
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I've had enough of you, your rhymes are charming//
not alarming, your a bomb that needs disarming//
your a meanace to society, a pleasure to beat//
so "prince" sing me a sweet song, take the seat//
im no longer a soft rapper, im quietly disturbing//
im an american solider, your an afgan wearing a turban//
get the message im getting to you while im sending it//
what about the betting your having saying your gonna win it//
you don't understand how your rhyme made me felt//
it was like im black and your a green belt//
you did your homework, i do the exam//
just rap good and keep to your own pitiful plan//
you want a meaning to my songs, i show you the pen//
and make you think after i ripped you, "How did i lose just then"//
you only won one time, and that was a fluke//
you're probably all dirty and misunderstanding, meanwhile, im in the dinner suit//

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word up that me and the prince are a menace to society
at least when we diss, it comes out in a variety
callin' us "gay" and "wack" is so simple-minded
wanna bawl with us? we'll leave you blinded
it's the J.I.M with a Prince who was crownded champ
no way to escape cause you now locked in a clamp
yeah joe, you wrote some songs that were decent
using some simple slang that you think is recent
being destroyed seems like what you askin'
when we come out on top, in the limelight we be baskin'
it kinda feel guilty for battling a fella brotha from the N-J
but when I see a crappy rapper, i just can't let them see the light of the day
sure you been writing for a few years or so
but it dont mean you'll win, with joe or with your lame flow
remember that this is only spit numero uno
just the beginning, doesn't mean ya winnin' just so you know
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Word up it's the veteran's turn up, y'all menaces are gettin' burned up
I'm far from a lame m.c. 'cause my charge to the play constantly
Resemble how I'm a star in the state of 'Jersey, ain't no way gettin' me
I'm great like Treach and Vinnie and Queen La, so you better step to me propa
Don't step to Big Ted, you're goin' to an early death bed
j-o-e got my back as I go exceed the plot of my rap
Prince's reign is over, step off the stage before you get told so
'Cause I'm a trained soldier when I comes to the way I rip flows
I'm not about to give that up, my plot is now the move to blast chumps
It's too tough to duplicate my cadence, since you hesitate to find basics
I don't have to try in this I go rap true life, never scripted
I provoke craft, you lie, witness my flow track the grind towards the win
I'll blow past your lies 'cause when I'm sleepin' I can make a rhyme better than
Your out of line trash on the design when you can easily give in
'Cause even Eraka Badu said "Maybe Next Lifetime" I'll be losin' to Prince and Jim
I'm far from finished, my charge to bust lyrics, will keep me just tense
When I do this for a livin', so I'm not losin' to a bunch of freshman
I mean no offense, I was there before, but I put my time in, and I've matured
As a lyricist, I got a high desire to perform and the light on me is shinin', for sure
Whenever I rap it's a blessin', so there's no need for y'all to say no more Edited by bigted
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Guest Prince
Haha, y'all are trying to diss us but behind the disguise, I can plainly see the lies//
I'm not going to philosophise, my first freestyle was good but here is the reprise//
Knowledge spread through a diseased needle, breeds weak single minded people//
I preach from the highest church steeple, remaining untouchable from the feeble//
Your minds I begin to manipulate, y'all aren't MC's - how much must I insinuate//
Luck to me is with the figure~8, but we are going to win - these words stipulate//
Lyrics are my gift yet they are cursed, y'all are desperate to see my next verse//
You're in the competition immersed, ain't no button on time to say "reverse"//
I say what I think and yet you don't answer~me, I'm bringing havoc and anarchy//
I'm here to prove J-o-e's theory, since y'all people like to have~a~go~at~me//
I'm a bomb about to explode, I could even rhyme in international morse code//
If I get into the whole dominant mode, the Numero Uno forum will soon implode//
I'll let bigted see red, a fake MC not purebred, rhymes are slow - a fact unsaid//
My freestyles cause fear widespread, I'm already a crowned head, so stop~dead//
I seem invincible yet what about mortality, move aside before there's a fatality//
I'm an Afghan wearing a turban in actuality? Yeah... Let's take it back to reality//
Ted and Joe's rhymes are so over~rated, that I'm struggling to remain rational//
Leave you in a ditch sedated, 'cause we're leagues ahead like in a Grand National...// Edited by Prince
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Once again it's my turn at the plate, I'm just set to burn cats off the stage
You'll get overexerted for my rap flame, No one feels your act today
I'm raining all over your wack parade, if you bust on my appeal you'll pass away
My innovation will surpass your claim of the title, I'm motivated to break the rivals
Since I gotta carry the team on my back, they'll compare me to Hakeem & Shaq
When I finally put the mic down, don't hold ya breath for my end any time now
I'm set to make the ol' school cats proud, 'cause their legacy through me is found
Yeah prince u say u got a crown, but u can't even entertain even if u were a clown
I'm gonna earn the respect of this post, when I burn ya like breakfast toast
Last time when I battled solo I was robbed of takin' the throne
So now I'm packin' knowledge up since I'm capable of breakin' y'all clones
True dat sound alike, y'all cats shout rhymes, but y'all haven't found time
To apply to improve, if you rhyme true to you, you'll have a shot
Until then your a have not, your analyzin' every word I happen to jot
When your in a matter of shock, I believe y'all have a bad case of rappers block
I could read through your wack plot, a damn disgrace being jabbed out the spot
By my upper hook, Like Nas I make y'all look, I steal your pride away like a crook
I could go on all day spittin', Don't even start callin' me fake Prince
'Cause with one shot I could break you and Jim simultaneously
Step up to the plate only if you can swing with me
It's like pitchin' blind to a silver slugger, my rappin' skills kill brothers
So you better make sure you run for cover
This is my olympics so I'm burstin' towards the gold medal
When spittin' like Talib Kweli and De La Soul I'm a "soul rebel"
Since I'm fulfillin' the goals like the 'Jersey Devils Edited by bigted
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yo, pc is anoyin me, sorry, just in time its 23:04 soz

yo im the king, treatin all of you just like a thing
prince you bigger than me, look at my middle size ring
devilsjim step back dawg this aint your game
you cant handle the pressure, and the fame
me and ted are ripping ya'll just like paper
prince you got a girl? if you did, you probably raped her
a hollow top needle stickin ya'll in the arm
jim and prince are just feelble, they hate my charm
when i go up to a girl at a club, they be hollering
see im a p-i-m-p when it comes to following
someone once said "dont hate the player, hate the game"
but now im back rippin ya'll just like the same
prince you just like vannila ice, but your just from scotland
i'll be in amsterdam, but i call it potland
dont hesitate by my chain reaction
diss one person, diss 2, diss three, then diss you
i don't like rappin like this, but you made me
jims just like ja rule, pick you up and throw you in a sess pool
but even though you already stink, imma say you aint cool
a shower a year would be nice, beatin me comes at a price
i aint a perfectionist or nuttin but when i rap, i do it with a bit of spice
im not gonna front when it comes to words, you win
but when it comes in being a bad boy, i choose the sin
a dare to see who will have the balls to do what i say
jim and prince will be at my knees as they pray
i believe that you think its hard to pimp
walkin around like a gangsta when you just got a limp
if you get a chance to reply i know what you will say, corny
i know my disses are, but they make people laugh, and make girls horny
so it goes aight for me, what about you ted?
at a party if i see you layin on a bed
i aint gonna think your sleeping, imma think what i think now, your reign is dead
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I'm extingishing your rap flame with my rap water
killin' ted and joe, just call me sergent slaughter
me and my potna can handle the pressure just because our rhymes are much fresher
y'all frontin' thinkin' yous a p-i-m-p
well im the real playa and to prove it I got a degree
nice pretending as some gangstas, but we all kno ya just fakes
we eat people like you up for breakfest just like frosted flakes
beating you and winning the competition is our goals
we got souls of mischief and ya rhymes got holes
everytime we step up to the plate we hit home runs
gettin' smashed by our rhymes because they weigh tons
winners of this battle, possible winners of the contest, we the ones
step into the ring, get knocked out punch by punch
serving you on a dish, eating y'all up for lunch
admit ya losing, your having a mental breakdown
lookin for spits, but your in a shakedown
out on the battle stage trying to perform
its like you got caught in the plains during a thunderstorm
i got ted in a headlock and joe in a grapple
trying hard to escape, trying to breath like you choking on an apple
prince and I are messing with bigted and joebrains
its like its your period, experiencing cramps and pains
prince is champ of this board and im the real emcee
representin' the board, and the best of the best from the n-e-w jer-zee
people know we're winning, can't you just see the fan signs
wake up, smell the coffee and read the headlines
joe, it took you long enough to respond
i'm the real magician and i can beat y'all by swingin' my magic wand Edited by DevilsJim89
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