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Kevin Smith on Will Smith

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Having changed gears, Kevin Smith sought out Will Smith, who gladly accepted.

"He came with no ego," Kevin Smith reflected during a two-day Philadelphia stop last week -- one with reporters and the second as part of a Q &A session following a screening of "Jersey Girl." "He came to play for a day."

Without giving up the plot, Will Smith has one scene that serves to tie together the father-daughter bonding that is central to the film's theme.

During filming, Will Smith was rather "modest," wondering at times if he would come off as "arrogant," Kevin Smith observed.

If anything, television's Fresh Prince turned movie star came off as a "family guy," Kevin Smith suggested.

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[color=blue]The one scene that I heard Will did,...well, I wasn't too impressed with what Ben Affleck's character had to say about Will Smith...I dunno,...maybe it was me, (obviously it is lol),...but I took it as a "put down" and didn't find it humurous at all, ...cuz at the tyme, "Born To Reign" wasn't doing so well on the charts...

Guess I was being way too analytical...but, that doesn't change the fact that, ...I didn't care 4 Will's small cameo/or part in Jersey Girl ... all that tough...

oh well, cant please all the fans alla tha tyme... :biggrin:


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Willis stays away from 'Jersey'

March 15, 2004


Guess he really isn't up for moonlighting anymore. That's why Bruce Willis didn't even return director Kevin Smith's phone calls when it came to making a cameo in "Jersey Girl."

Smith needed an A-list star to play himself -- and part of the plot includes a publicist played by Ben Affleck saying something about him that isn't very nice.

Smith first went to Willis figuring that he's a Jersey guy at heart still. "Originally, I wrote the role for Bruce Willis, and offered it to him, but there was only one problem. I never heard back from Bruce Willis.

"So, I said to Ben, 'Why don't you try to contact Willis.' Ben was like, 'I can because I know him because we [starred together in] 'Armageddon.' "

But even Ben couldn't get through. "Bruce didn't call him back either," Smith marvels. Finally, one month shy of filming, Smith offered the role to Will Smith.

"It worked because Will was the Fresh Prince and rapping. ...And he was in 'Bad Boy,' but I always knew him as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince," Smith said.

Big Picture News Inc.

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