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Some Lyrics I Wrote To A New Song "Better Days For The Nations"

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hey JJFP.com peeps hope y'all are a having a good summer in spite of all the world dramas, here's something to raise awareness and get you moved, i think this is some of the best lyrics i've ever written, this is basically my version of "tell me why", this is something i wish will would come to the board to read and raise some music discussion and maybe even inspire him to make more powerful music:


we can't ignore what goes on in society

if we truely want to be free

we all must do our part for peace

standing up tall like a tree

the seperation of wants and needs

the music is my therapy for release

there's no need for gun firing

no matter what political team you side with

this song isn't an endorsement

we all have a right for an opinion

if you respect me even if there's not 100% aggreement

there won't be thoughts of a room in judgement

since i know i'm far from perfect

there's plenty of times of sin

but i look to rise through the fire to win

there's much tensions and uprisings

i choose to flex my mind through music expression

to bring on a brighter perspective

i don't take any moment for granted

like i mentioned i choose to never give up, never give in

if we apply ourselves we could cease the violence

a better world we should apply to be creating

before the lord comes as it says in revelations

we all could make a difference

regardless of color, nationality, or religions

i strive to build up the greatest raps ever written

it's all built on craft when you master perspective

we all should take out time to count our blessings

praying for better day for the nations

we are living in the final days

so watch how you're living and what you're saying

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