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Da Rebirth ft Gavyn Robinson - Life To Live For

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First track off my new mixtape!!! Singer on the hook is my cousin!!!


Da Rebirth ft Gavyn Robinson
Life To Live For
Produced by Adamack for Shadowville Productions

Like, comments and opinions all greatly appreciated!! Appreciate the support from everyone!!

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Like I said on Facebook you really are progressing! I think in the short time you have been writing/recording you have come on leaps and bounds! Wish I could have done that when I started out!

Keep them coming. Like Turntable says each project is definitely progressing!

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Appreciate the feedback guys, means a lot. I'm happy with my progression up to now, theres still a lot of work to do tho, I know that. When I listen to the first audio I cut, it makes me cringe at how bad the delivery was. Awful. I think developing my own style will happen now I'm using original beats. Although it got me quite a bit of exposure, I do regret doing so many remixes/covers. It never felt personal to me as a project.

Thanks again, glad you're liking it!

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