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"Momma Knows" Appreciation Thread

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This song spreads a positive and powerful message of how mothers impact our lives, I always play this song a lot around mother's day, it makes me feel good about my mama, the lyrics in the 3rd verse are some of the best in his career, I put this up there with "Tell Me Why", "Summertime", and "Just The Two Of Us" with some of the best songwriting Will's ever done as a legendary hip hop emcee, much props:

"Mom used to say take your time young man
I ain't gonna always be there holding your hand
But you'll always know exactly where I am
And when I'm not there in my place the lord will stand
Will, study the world only the wise succeed
And when your eyes tell lies your heart should lead
We all do dirt, we all gonna sin
But When you realise it you apologise and never do it again
Mom told me don't rush to get old
If you got youth the truth clutched in behold
It's like possibilities too much to behold
And emotional shields from life's blustery cold
Mom all the stuff you said was hard
From the childish disregards
'Cause my head was hard
Now no questions imposed
'Cause momma always knows"

Too bad there was never an official video for this song, just the audio:

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I dont listen to this song much, but Ive always liked it because of the meaning of them lyrics and his appreciation for the knowledge of the mothers all around, because the truth is that momma always knows whats the best for their children..

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