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Question about "Live at Union Square"

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I was just looking through some stuff in my room when i found a cd i burned a long time ago. And when i put it in my mac I saw that it was the Live at Union Square track by JJFP. But this was 20 min. I prob found this and burned it in my "not-JJFP-fan-days". I looked through this forum and the site and found the podcast with the concert, and that one is also 20 min, but the sound ends after 15. the one I have is a little better quality, but not great. I just wonder if this version is rare? It has the "Rock the House" track at the end and Ready Rock C doing some beatboxing and saying his, JJ and FPs name...

I feel that this is something that I should really know, hope you guys dont think i'm a stupid non-JJFP-fan... :)

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