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    New Forums

    [color=blue]LOL...all he needs to do is add a halo on top of the afro smilie,..and i coulda registered as "Afro Angel" haha... :rolleyes: dang...is this the ONLY smilie ~smile a sista can use? lol what happened to the " :) " smilie? lol peace, 3cookies[/color]
  2. 3cookies

    Online Promotion Team

    [color=blue]LOL..prince, when we usta do online promotions,...i even remember almost 12 hours before LOL... we had breakfast, lunch AND dinner while promotion... now tell me thats NOT loyal fan dedication!! hehe... :bowrofl: :angel: peace, 3cookies[/color]
  3. 3cookies

    New Forums

    [color=blue]Well, we always get used to something...like the old Will Smith board, then we got used to the new one...now the JJ+FP board has changed,..im sure Tim hasnt finished with it, cuz it takes alot of time and effort to get it up to where he wants it...but he's got an Admin thats incredible with that..so this board is really a great upgrade, weather anyone realizes it or not... :rolleyes: We will get used to it, but i'm sure if he can change it to the other colours, he will..so im just hopin for the best... * :afro: * how ya like my herr~do! :LOL peace, 3cookies[/color]
  4. 3cookies


    [color=blue]LOL...its all up to everybody...surely if they wanna start over..u guys can do it again, can't ya! :rolleyes: peace, 3cookies[/color]
  5. 3cookies

    WHAT THE...???

    [quote=TopDawg14,Mar 10 2004, 01:17 PM]I just wish I could have my "JJFP Potna" status back. :afro:[/quote] [color=blue]IM with you on that about the "JJFP Potna" title,...i dont wanna be a "Little Willie" lmbo... :hyper: lolol :peace: peace, 3cookies[/color]
  6. 3cookies

    WHAT THE...???

    [color=blue]Hey Willreign...there was a post or two on the old board, mentioning the forums were gonna be moved to another server. Also asking ppl to save any topics in particular they wanted... You must have been away for a little while... I'm kinda already used to the new forum, because I post on another board thats pretty similar.. haha... :rolleyes: peace, 3cookies[/color]
  7. 3cookies

    And we're away...

    [color=blue]Do u think its possible to upload all the previous avatars we used on the old board? cuz i liked my old avatar alot.... :rolleyes: peace, 3cookies[/color]
  8. 3cookies

    Hip Hop Forever Volume 2

    [color=blue]Yep...can't wait to get it. Thankx 4 the post! :angel: peace, 3cookies [/color]
  9. 3cookies

    GREAT IDEA for this forum

    [color=blue]LOL...chek that out...im a LITTLE WILLIE. dang...didn't know i was a lil willie. peace, 3cookies[/color]