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    What Are You Listening To? XXI

    Outlandish - Warrior/Worrier (2012) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omyx49oyuG0
  2. Long time since I was last on here. Nice to be back. Here is a little news from the twitter world. KSmith has written on Twitter today: "MEETING AT 12:30 WITH BIG WILLIE...." and MyGuyMars has retweeted it, and written "we on" .
  3. Jonasdk

    What Are You Listening To? XIX

    Outlandish - Feels like saving the world
  4. Jonasdk

    Michael Jackson Dies At 50

    Big shock :'( R.I.P. Michael Jackson, the king of pop.
  5. Jonasdk

    Aqua - Back To The 80's

    I love this song.. funny lyrics and great beat :) It's all ready a big number one hit here in Denmark. Back to the 80's is one of three new songs on a greatest hits album.
  6. Jonasdk

    What Are You Listening To? XVIII

    Kevin Rudolf & Nas - N.Y.C.
  7. great track Da Brakes. Im listening to it all day long.. keep up the good work! :)
  8. Jonasdk

    What Are You Listening To? XVIII

    Aqua - Barbie Girl Wow.. they had a comeback tour here in denmark. And it was amazing!
  9. Jonasdk

    Happy Birthday Julie

    happy birthday Julie... I hope u had a good day :)
  10. Jonasdk

    The Dark Knight Sets A Record!

    Wow... what a movie! And Heath Ledgers performence in outstanding... I had goosey all over my body afterwards! 6 out of 6 stars!
  11. Jonasdk

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Enrique Iglesias - Can you hear me (uefa remix) This song is growing on me.
  12. Jonasdk

    Faces Behind Post III

    Thanks man!
  13. Jonasdk

    Faces Behind Post III

    Nice pic! The guy at the very left looks like one of my friends! :D haha.. really? :D
  14. Jonasdk

    Faces Behind Post III

    here is one of me and my friends in Barcelona! Im the one with the white t-shirt and grey hat :)
  15. Jonasdk

    UEFA European (Football) Championship

    Congratulation to Spain.. 44 years did they have to wait, and now they got a well deserved victory! Viva EspaƱa!
  16. Jonasdk

    UEFA European (Football) Championship

    Germany played very well against Portugal and Poland. They deserve to be in the final! And u always need to have some luck to win a tournament like this!
  17. Jonasdk

    UEFA European (Football) Championship

    Van der Fart??? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/e...008/7461166.stm
  18. Jonasdk

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Will Smith - No more
  19. Jonasdk

    UEFA European (Football) Championship

    Turntable congratulations with the great start for The Netherlands... If u keep playing like this, u are the favotites the win the championship. Germany havents had the best start so far, but I still think they can go all the way.. but Im looking forward the the quarterfinal between Germany and Portugal, two of the big favorites before the tournament. Croatia has been the biggest suprise so far, and Im likely to think that they might could go to the final. I hope for Spain, now when Denmark didn't qualify.. they have been playing well so far.. but they usualy fails in the quarterfinal :/
  20. We can hope... Will has music in his blood :1-say-yes:
  21. Jonasdk

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Martin - Show the world
  22. Jonasdk

    Hancock song leaked!

    ouch~! :yeahthat: And I have allready started 3 threads over there: "Will is sooo hot" "Will will u marry me" and "Who is Jazzy Jeff"
  23. Jonasdk

    Hancock song leaked!

    This was it.. let us all join lorettavile instead :jusmindyabizness:
  24. Jonasdk

    Hancock song leaked!

    :yeahthat: Tim that was just mean! I wish I had seen it the 1st of april instead of the 2nd:)
  25. Jonasdk

    Happy Birthday MaxFly!

    Happy Birthday Max!