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    Annie remake

    I can't wait for this movie to come out
  2. Abdul1997

    What Are You Listening To? XXI

    HOME MADE Kazoku - FREEDOM Awesome group.
  3. GlobalGrind: Just a few short weeks after the world said good-bye to James Avery, aka The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air‘s Uncle Phil, his TV wife Janet Hubert has revealed her own medical issues. Hubert, who played Aunt Viv until 1993, recently filed a lawsuit against the American Federation of Television and Radio Acts and the AFTRA Health Fund, claiming that she’s suffering from “intense spasms” and “strange chattering” that has kept her out of work. Janet began struggling with her health in 2004 following a visit to a chiropractor, according to court documents. She was treated for “military neck,” a rare condition that causes the loss of spinal curvature. Her treatment was covered by the H&R fund, an employee benefit plan associated with AFTRA. The following year she claims to have developed vertigo so severe she “was unable to drive…and was told to sleep sitting up for six weeks, which she did and which did not help.” Unfortunately, her condition only got worse. Janet claims it wasn’t long before she “began developing a strange ‘chatter’ in her jaw; was unable to comb her hair; could not touch her face; had severe reactions to sound; would awaken with her mouth clenched; could not move her body in a manner she was used to; and found light painful.” Finally she found a cure: “Trigger point injections” into important parts of her muscles. According to Janet, in 2011 H&R sent her a letter stating that they had never intended to pay for her trigger point sessions and that they believed it had been “excessive in terms of frequency and duration.” According to the company, they believed only up to 4 injections per year were “medically necessary” and Janet had gotten 42 since 2010. Janet filed numerous appeals, but had no luck. She “has been unable to afford continuous treatments” with her specialist. Because of this she claims “she has been unable to accept numerous jobs. She has been forced to go on disability.” The actress filed the lawsuit last year in L.A. and requested a jury trial to get her unpaid benefits, attorneys fees and cost, retroactive relief for her treatments and an order forcing H&R to pay for forthcoming treatments. I hope you get better.
  4. http://swaysuniverse.com/music-news-2/its-hip-hops-25th-year-being-recognized-at-the-grammy-awards-check-out-raps-most-memorable-moments Has definitely some interesting stuff
  5. D.J. Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye, I Am Number Four) will direct "Selling Time" http://www.ramascreen.com/eagle-eye-director-will-be-selling-time-with-will-smith-attached-to-star/
  6. Abdul1997

    James Avery died

    R.I.P. James Avery...damn...
  7. R.I.P....Gone too soon...
  8. Abdul1997

    Kelsey Grammer & Martin Lawrence FX Sitcom

    Marty Mart & Kelsey
  9. Abdul1997

    Kelsey Grammer & Martin Lawrence FX Sitcom

    Telma Hopkins (Family Matters, Are We There Yet?) joins "Braddock & Jackson" as Ruth Jackson Daniele Watts (Django Unchained) as Laura Jackson McKaley Miller (Awkward.) as Lizzie Braddock
  10. Abdul1997

    Focus: released March 2015

    Pic: http://www.whosay.com/articles/506-will-smith-and-margot-robbie-wrap-focus The movie is officially in post-production.
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    RIP Nelson Mandela

    Rest In Peace... You Truly Will Be Missed #RIPNelsonMandela
  12. Abdul1997

    Kelsey Grammer & Martin Lawrence FX Sitcom

    It's official. Martin and Kelsey will star opposite each other in the upcoming FX comedy, Braddock & Jackson. Edi Patterson has been cast as a regular and will play Verushka, a busty, sexy Russian woman who co-owns the massage shop next door. The show is expected to debut in 2014. source: http://humormillmag.com/?p=11037
  13. Abdul1997

    Francis Lawrence eyes Will Smith pic

    Haha, Simon you a fool!
  14. Abdul1997

    Francis Lawrence eyes Will Smith pic

    Hahahaha Well, I actually liked these movies.
  15. Abdul1997

    Francis Lawrence eyes Will Smith pic

    The movie got the right director (Shawn Levy from the Night At A Museum franchise) And got the right writer (Audrey Wells from Under The Tuscan Sun), so I think nothing could go wrong...
  16. Abdul1997

    Francis Lawrence eyes Will Smith pic

    http://www.vulture.com/2013/11/will-smith-full-steam-ahead-in-city-that-sailed.html?mid=imdb This movie looks definitely interresting...
  17. (Let me introduce myself first, my name is Abdul Osman, nice to meet you all ) Your right about him having a "perfectionist attitude", but the thing about Will is, he sometimes wants to do rap and then all of a sudden he becomes interrested in a film project. I personally think he won't make a new album, but he might record a new song.