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  1. Hahahaha Well, I actually liked these movies.
  2. The movie got the right director (Shawn Levy from the Night At A Museum franchise) And got the right writer (Audrey Wells from Under The Tuscan Sun), so I think nothing could go wrong...
  3. http://www.vulture.com/2013/11/will-smith-full-steam-ahead-in-city-that-sailed.html?mid=imdb This movie looks definitely interresting...
  4. (Let me introduce myself first, my name is Abdul Osman, nice to meet you all ) A few months ago it was announced that Martin Lawrence & Kelsey Grammer (Frasier, Boss) are considering pairing up to star in a comedy. Here's the plot: "Two Chicago lawyers from vastly different backgrounds who develop a partnership after they unexpectedly meet in court on the worst day of their lives, forcing each other to find the balance between the ethical and the unscrupulous in both their professional and personal lives". The series will likely follow the same production model as Charlie Sheen's Anger Management. So how do y'all think about them pairing up?
  5. (Let me introduce myself first, my name is Abdul Osman, nice to meet you all ) Your right about him having a "perfectionist attitude", but the thing about Will is, he sometimes wants to do rap and then all of a sudden he becomes interrested in a film project. I personally think he won't make a new album, but he might record a new song.
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