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  1. Rocafella

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    TLC - Waterfalls
  2. Rocafella

    Both "Graduation" and "Curtis" Leak

    So tired of T-Pain. Don't watch music on TV much but whenever I do he's always in somebodys vid and i'm bored to death of him now. Akon's the same, it's his whiney voice that does it for me though :)
  3. I've seen the video a few times now, and I'm just not liking it. Not really feeling the base that comes in a few times. Maybe it will grow on me.
  4. For me, it's because he has a presence about him when he's acting. When he's on screen, you know he's on screen. I think his charisma is a part of it but it's a testament to his acting skills that he's not a one-trick pony, but most importantly, he's entertaining.
  5. Rocafella

    TROTM over 100, 000 sales

    Well done to Jazzy, don't stop now!
  6. Rocafella


    I'll just be happy knowing that a third one is going to be made, if it is ever officially confirmed.
  7. Rocafella

    Will Smith - Greatest Hits review

    That's a good point Niall, didn't click to it when I read it.
  8. Rocafella

    Caption Contest XXVII

    "Big Willy Style" The Movie!!
  9. Rocafella

    Is Summertime being re-released?

    I've downloaded a Summertime [Full Phat 06 Mix]. Maybe that's it?
  10. Rocafella

    What Are You Listening To? XVI

    KRS-One " A Friend "
  11. Rocafella

    TV Links

    That site is great, nice link man, watching Malcolm in the Middle as I'm writing this!
  12. Rocafella

    Is Summertime being re-released?

    16 year old songs? :sick:
  13. Rocafella

    James Avery

    Since Fresh Prince, I've only seen him as Kelso's partner as a cop on That 70's Show.
  14. Rocafella

    Is Summertime being re-released?

    Definately gonna have to keep a look out for this one
  15. Rocafella

    What Are You Listening To? XVI

    FamLay - Rock N' Roll Neptunes Present....The Clones