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  1. Mos Def

    Cassidy on Will Smith

    Cassidy should shut the **** up...if he meets Will i'm sure that Will could knock this little "rapper"??? out!
  2. Mos Def

    Make a wish

    Will and Halle Berry or Beyonce Knowles in a movie that would be great!
  3. Mos Def

    VMA Performance

    Could it be possible that Will does a performance together with Kanye West at he VMA's? P. Diddy did something like that before two years...when he surprisingly performed with Usher, Busta Rhymes... Something like that would be great because Will could promote his new single switch!
  4. Mos Def

    Will Smith Germany Premere Footage

    Danke, dass du das video von der deutschlandpremiere geschickt hat
  5. Mos Def

    ***Will Smith on Jay Leno Xclusive!!!***

    can somebody sent me that video( i wanna see will and not just hear him)
  6. Mos Def

    Will's Comeback

    I doubt that Will's new album will be an hit...also LL has problems to be in Top Ten with his singles, although he's the best rapper in music industy... I think that the new album is something for the real FP fans and not the mainstream.
  7. I think that Will should work with more black artist in hollywood...we have seen that will isn't successful, when a movie of him is focussed on a black audience e.g. ali!
  8. Mos Def

    Will & Timbaland

    This are very good news...this album gonna be a hit... hope that the neptunes will also be on the album!
  9. Mos Def

    Will Smith actor & rapper

    i think that will cares mores about his actor-career... he produces movies and so on,but not will not produces tracks for new artists like p.diddy
  10. Mos Def

    Last First Kiss

    Maybe Bad Boys 3 will come out 2006!
  11. Mos Def

    Will & Kanye West

    I wonder why Will put Petey Pablo on his new album instead of Kanye West, Twista or Dilated People... can somebody give me an answer?
  12. Mos Def

    What happened with Jive

    The few good hip hop labels are Def-Jam, J-Records and Roc a Fella...but i think that they doesn't fit to Will... i think the best decision in this situation to look after a label outside the USA(e.g. UK) or to found an own label like P.Diddy did!
  13. Mos Def

    wills best solo track?

    Just the two of us and Gettin Jiggy Wit it
  14. Mos Def


    Before the movie Ali came out I heard in a german music television program, that Will Smith is a muslim and that it was one of the reasons why Muhammed Ali wanted him as an actor for the movie... Is that true?