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  1. personally i love the new forum..and the new colors..
    did the old board ever have 150 posts in a day? no maybe 10 or 15...
    i can actually PM people..and when people PM me a window comes up telling me!
    everyone click on my controls..many features there
    i love all the new smilies i can use now 2
    i love the control i have over the forums now :wavey: :whip:

    i think people have a twisted view of the old forum..cause it was there for 2 years..it was basically just white..with a bit of red and green :dunno:

  2. when it came out here.. fresh prince of bel air was off at the time.. so i was excited to see Will.. people at skool were making fun of it.. but i found a few friends who were excited to see it.. i remember seeing will and martin in the shy guy video..and laughing... and the movie was rated MA so i was just able to go see it.. the great thing about this movie..is just the chemistry between will & martin.. thats why it doesnt matter how many times you see the movie over and over its still funny ..and you still laugh... i can still remember just cracking up at that scene in the theatre when martin rings will at his house where theresa answers the phone :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:

  3. what u cant except change?
    its time to get with it maine
    i did a whole post on the other board
    new ubb software i couldnt afford
    and the old forum was clearly outdated
    so before you came on here and hated
    you should have checked my long ass post
    about how i was moving the site to a new host
    and i even suggested you give me new forum ideas before that 1 die
    but i didnt even get 1 reply!
    so quit your complaining
    or i'll give you a lyrical caning!
    lets enjoy the new forums and have some fun
    and get back to the battles so i can claim spot number one

    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  4. couple of things..give me some time to figure everything out...i only just installed it...i can change the colors and everything again give me time...there are a lot of advantages to this board..1. u can actually pm people and u get notified when u receive a pm.. check your profile..theres heaps of features.. this also gives me greater control in terms of moderating the forum..letting who see what etc etc.. the ubb board was really old..and i woulda had to pay extra $$$ to upgrade it...get with the times people :hyper: