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  1. 1 minute ago, DevilsJim89 said:

    Ooooohhh!!! Gotcha!

    Also - I forgot to comment on this earlier. You mentioned how around '96-'97 you didn't even know what Jeff was up to. I was wondering the same thing. If you think after Code Red dropped, aside from FPOBA and maybe a performance or two in '94, I wonder what Jeff was up to during the time from '94-'97? Probably just focusing on ATOJ I'd imagine. 

    yeah I remember at the time I'd heard he was working on a solo album but he was obviously working on A Touch of Jazz in Philly. The first music I heard from Jeff from that period was the "NuYorican Soul" album from Masters at Work, which had the track Jazzy Jeff's theme and was Jeff cutting it up! I was so excited when I bought that and what an amazing album. Then years later I got to hang out with Masters at Work in Miami! Incredible!

  2. 11 hours ago, DevilsJim89 said:


    • I'd like to know more about the "Impeach the President" track. I wonder if this was supposed to be on Lost & Found but probably was shelved by Interscope because it was "too political" ....just like "Tell Me Why" supposedly was and why it wasn't the second single off the album.
    • I wonder if Will remembers the lyrics to "From Da South" now haha

    Jim, "Impeach the President" which I believe is by the Honey Drippers was the sample Jeff used for "From Da South" So when Jeff mentioned it in that hotel room (I can't remember why) it obviously sparked off that memory of From Da South in Will and he went straight off on it and ripped it! I bet you he could remember from da south. He is an emcee through and through!

  3. 5 hours ago, DevilsJim89 said:

    Love this post. I can't wait to see them perform live. I saw JJFP at Live8 in 2005 in Philly but I was just soooo far away from the stage. It was really cool to see them perform Summertime in Philly. However, I've waited 10 long years and I want to see them as close as possible lol. I'm ecstatic to say the very least! 

    Jeff said in a recent interview they've had a lot of interest in the tour as well which is a good sign!

  4. 11 hours ago, bigted said:

     Like the man said on "I Wish I Made That" from his "Lost & Found":"I always envied how y'all ride with Dre & The Chronic/Talking how Em, 50, and Jigga got it/A lot like LL, Chuck D, slick rick , & Doug e/I think y'all love me but place other rappers above me". All of this exciting news of another album and a tour by JJFP has lit fire in my spirit and excitement in my heart, long live the legends and god bless!

    Totally agree Ted! :smiley-signs011: