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this is a nas inspired track i wrote. lets see if you can guess which track of nas' that inspired me to write this one.

Precipitaion ©

Written by Concept

Im cold and I reign from the sky

Not God, similar to a tear you cry

Im small in form but when I get together

I can kill you in a flood you can call that bad weather

April Im tired of the sunshine all around

So I storm and make sure I spread frowns all around

I gotta have my way I dont care what you want

I erupt with thunder little kids I haunt

Feared amongst the young, loved among the old

Gather round in my storm there are stories to be told

You pollute my supply so I seek revenge

Drown a boy who cant swim make sure its the end

You drink me and piss me take me for granted

Wash away blood from fresh blows that were landed

Im the bare bottom minimum only I quench thirst

Third world countries need me the worst

Home to Atlantis and I want another slaughter

Two hydrogen, one oxygen, Im water



Drip, Drip, Drip

Here I come down your drain


Drip, Drip, Drip

Every drop sounds the same


Float down, float down

Im drifting from the sky


Float down, float down

See my beauty in your eye

Come December I freeze up

Results; people warming hot coco, coffees, and teas up

I turn to ice on the ground people slip up on me

You get scared for your health so you throw salt fondly

I turn to snow and nip like scissors

Then the sh!t comes down and I bring you a blizzard

People pack their stuff prepare for the worst

Shovel me away but I was here first

I must mean nothing you turn me yellow n black

The oil from your cars and the pee from your sack

After you see me once then youre satisfied

Youre sad when I show up again like someones dad just died

Im not appreciated like Rosa on the bus

So I collaborate with rain and start to make slush

Then the bastard sun melts me away

Cocky cause he shows up every single day

Always working hard like a colony of ants

Cant wait till spring so I can get another chance


So many raindrops kinda like freckles

Youve seen my Hyde side now see Dr Jekyll

Poems and pictures dedicated in frames

A kiss is more romantic when youre standing in rain

As I lay on the ground in form of a puddle

Kids jump on me for joy then their parents rebuttal

When its hot outside you jump in my pool

Swim in my lakes I will keep you cool

In the winter im a toy with snow balls and snow men

Snow angels and ice skating think a place youve been

That was a mess before then it was turned it to art

Cause snow covered the mistakes on every single part

My ice storms take away electricity but listen

I make it worthwhile because the trees now glisten

I forgive your mistakes what youve done to me

In return clean the water, make it fun for me

Ill be here forever dont worry im patient

Im snow, rain, hail, my names precipitation

(Chorus without words)

Edited by Concept
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it was nas's "i gave you power" where hes writing from the perspective of a gun....but holy sh!t, i made a really good beat for this (in my mind at least) and its 99% done. i just need to fix a part that plays when its not supposed to, its a flaw in the system i guess, not on my part. but it will be on my myspace when its done, ill post it on this thread when it is

Edited by Concept
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