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Trey - "Tha Beast"


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Trey - Tha Beast

Yo, y’all know me as Tha Beast//

My rhymes ain’t like a ghetto feast//

Mess wit me, I’ll diss you so hard, you'll cry//

My raps will awe you. You’ll be wondering why//

Advanced not only in lyics, but in motion//

My songs are as big as the Indian Ocean//

Travlin’all over the globe to preform would be dope//

You couldn’t catch me, even wit a steel rope//

Tha beast is after ya. Whatcha gonna do?//

Me and my boy, Mi$ta, will beat da crap outta you//

I ain’t no huslter, just call me a survivor//

My raps will rip flesh, like a black viper//

Slash y’all wit my wip of lyrics, it’ll make ya bleed//

Rappin’crap about me, you dirty weed//

There’s a beast in everyone, just gotta let it reign//

You gotta have a reason fo’ it, don't just make it plain//


Tha Beast, is comin’ to rap// (to rap!)

He's gonna defeat your crap// (yo crap!)

Tha Beast, fires are as hot as hell// (hell yeah!)

Once he’s outta you, you couldn't sell// (couldn’t sell!)

Tha Beast, rhymes are like solid stone// (solid stone!)

Unleash your beast, let it rome the zone// (in da zone!)

I’ve seen your beast, it ain't pretty//

My rhymes are as big as New York City//

Came from the ol' skool rhymers, to change this new school//

Y’all runied the ol' school, and made the new one gangsta, fool//

Battled lots of great rappers, and a lot of bad rhymers//

Tha Beast doesn’t take long to spit, you can use a timer//

Rackler is comin’for ya to rule dis place//

My raps are gonna be heard by every race//

I’m here to change hip-hop, not destory it//

Lets get to work, dawg, and repair it//

Rapped for ages, never consiterd this fortune//

My song will burn you, boy you’ll be scorchin'//

Roasted lyics on a grill, written just write//

The way you rhyme, you’ll always start a fight//

I am Tha Beast don't try and diss me//

Or you'll be dissed harder, by a better MC//


Final battle, get ready to be owned//

Talk like that, get ready to be phoned//

Once my work is done, y’all will be greatfull//

BUT right now, all dis stuff is shamefull//

My deepness will draw you in, make ya listen//

Fool wanna fight me. Lets get on wit da dissin'//

The beat is sharp, so don’t cut ya self//

Scared of my rhymes? Go head south//

When you put my CD into the car, ya gotta blast the song//

Unlike other rhymers, I know what's right and wrong//

C’mon y’all snap yo fingers, and rock wit it//

Do yo’ thing on the flo’, go on and lean wit it//

Evolution, my raps are evolving, turning into classics//

Camouflaged rhymes, go on hommie, and mask it//

From junior to legend, that's what I’m wantin’//

Just ask Rebirth, he'll tell ya why y'all are frontin’//

[Chorus x 2 fade..]

© Copyright 2006

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Like rhyming within a line, for example Rakim's "I Ain't No Joke"

"I ain't no joke, I used to let the mic smoke/"

Oh okay, but that's not my style.

I'll look into it, though. :kekeke:

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wat FuQ said makes the song better i used in one of my songz dat.

"Sometimes I spit good lines, other times nothin in mind"


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