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Hello soul_survivor

Guest Will_Fan

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Hello soul_survivor!

I know that you have been sick, but it nice to have you back on the forum!

Thanx! The last couple of months have been hard on me...Couldn't even get out of my own bed. The doctors didn't know what it was or if I was going to make it..So I just wanna thank god my friends and Will for being there for me...Without y'all I don't know what I would have done. It's funny even in the darkest of moments i still I couldn't let go of the thought that I never saw Will live :worried:

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If its not to much to ask, what are you suffering under?

It's a sickness that only occurs in the northern part of Europe the doctors said it's called Skjörbjugg. I can still remember the pain, it was horrible. I felt like I was floating between our world and some sort of dreamworld. BUt now I'm healthy(almost) and I wish to forget the last couple of months. If anyone got any further questions just ask.

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