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Get Rich or Die Tryin'


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i mean i could give it a chance in seeing it, i mean we arent all fond of eminem either but i think i can say that 8 mile is a great movie. so i would give it a chance but most likely wouldnt like it that much.

8 mile is definitely a great movie in my opinion too.

I saw some of Get Rich or Die Tryin' at my friends house while we were playing some Texas Hold 'em (Poker), and I can't say it was that good of a movie. I personally don't think it was bad, because it was kind of inspirational in a sense of all that 50 has had to go through, but I wouldn't really recommend it unless you are a 50 fan (which I'm definitely not).

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he's basically just playing a glorified version of himself, which is why I don't see it as such a big deal. Same with Eminem in 8 Mile.

Same reason why one of my fave actors Robert Downey Jr. never got really recognized for the flick Two Girls & A Guy or Less than Zero because he was just perceived as playing himself. Even Ebert said he shoulda been considered for a best actor nod for Two Girls & A guy

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To those who like 50 cent and g unit it's a good movie, but honestly guys theres no point in saying that here...we've had countless discussions on this subject and it's trying to stick a knife into metal and make it stay there, it's not happening, I have seen the movie and I have the soundtrack, the movie isn't the best i've seen but it's an average movie, the soundtrack has a few good songs on there...but that's it...

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I think the big deal is that people mistake "Entertaining movie" with "GREAT MOVIE"

There are lots of movies that I think are entertaining (even some Will movies) but don't think they are GREAT movies by any stretch of the imagination.

But they're fun movies to watch and I enjoy it every second I watch them. So to ME they're good movies, but I realize that in the grand scheme of things they aren't very good. They're just fun.

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