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Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in a cage

Nowhere to go so I'm showin' my rage:

The world around me is more bad than good

In different areas people have to fight for their food

Girls get raped, in the worst case they get pregnant

And nobody thinks about aids, we all so ignorant

Kids don't live for their future, they live for drugs

But that's just a way to escape, they missin' mama's hugs

People get killed on the streets, just for fun

The others are scared so they start carry a gun

In Africa babies die 'cause they have nothing to eat

Lil' kids in the east fight in a war, die on the street

The good die young, when will the world change?

Never, ever, it will always be that strange

Churches burnin', the only places of real peace

And everyday the news show people cryin' on they knees

The world is a cold place that's a true fact

And tell me why has violence such a big impact?

Everywhere you look you see people killing each other

And on the other side of the street you see a young baby mother

Carrying her beautiful baby alone so where the **** is her lover??

See, the world is our cage, we trapped and can't hide

I don't want to know how many people cried

As the WTC fell and thousands people died

I hope 'Pac wasn't right when he said there will never be peace

But we all know that he's right so stop this terror please

That's our world, that's the cage we live in

But on the other side we should be happy that we living...

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