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Fresh-Ta-Def vs Schnazz

Da Brakes

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Yoh...I aint no gangsta, An i don't sell Pounds/

Da Brakes must hate you, put you against me in the 1st round?/

either thats a mistake, or he don't care who your with/

After this battle you ask him.. "Tell Me Why?" like ~Smith~/*

if you spit back, I'll leave it an call you Deliorus/

cause your rhymes are on the low, like your Experience/**

You need to step it up, get busy for a few days/

like Disposable Camera's, ya rhymes are Throw-Away's/***

if rhymes can kill, then I'd be charged for mudering ya over a beat/

or leave you with nothing straight homeless on the street/

cause i wright more in a day then you can wright in a week/

I don't do this to ~Get Rich~, Schnazz you can get shot like Young Ceaser/****

Wanna be like everyone else, But you aint Iced out like a Freezer/

Or like the winter right now in Canada-whore/

but I won't hurt you to bad cause I'ma man-Of-Da-Lord/

Sweet 16, I'm done... Common an Handel-Its-Yours..../


*- Will Smiths song "Tell Me Why"

**- Your experience on the side is low

***-Disposable Camera's are throw aways

****-Young Ceaser was 50Cents character in "Get Rich..." he got Shot several times

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Is that sorry rhyme your attempt to bring some funk?

Fresh-Ta-Def, you're nothen but a punk kicken some junk

We all have a role on this board, it's time you learned yours

Hero is the leader, followed by scores of Switch whores

MaxFly's educated and the talented one is Brakes

Ya know I'm brilliant, and you're the fake maken mistakes

You're a five month member with a thousand posts

You say so little but can still boast to type the most

Your rhymes are obvious to kindergarten rejects

Save the cliff notes for something that's complex and can vex

Dude, you're a hypocrite, stop emulating Kanye West

You got nothen, and Kanye isn't the crest of the best

While I'm at it, your sig sounds like a quote from a firing squad

You quote trash and still try to give a nod to your God?

Your flat disgusting, you think it's cool to smack a female?

That jive stuff sounds like you're trying to hail the ignant trail

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