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The Given- Book report I did in the form of a Rap


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Guy named Jonass, an his world is perfect

life is a rollercoaster, everything is working

he got it under control like a soccer player with a ball

to learn to pick himself up is the reason he falls

no war, no pain, nothing left for him to gain

but if it all falls apart he'd be desperate in his brain

he stays saine, but theres no choice left to make

Thinking to himself "how much more can I take"

He shakes his shoulders off its a re-enactment

turn back to where the fractons were all placed backwards

can you imagine, you can't choose ya job, you can't choose ya role

you got a better chance livin life out of a hole, alone

hes been given a place in the community

but life an human rights are all based on unity

its so hard for him just all the stuff hes seeing

thinking "what if i was different as a human being"

at 12 years old he's sent out for traning from the given

learn to control himself, and the reason hes livin

The giver alone holds the memories of all the pain

pleasure of life, mixed got jonass going insaine

level out him frame, tame, he don't wanna train

its funny cause the same things, are why he aint playin games

he's boxed in like a picture framing

to later realize that there is no training

he was a pawn in a chess game the peice moved twice

now you really gotta think of what cha doing wit cha life

the given is the book, the giver is the lender

the riches man aint always the biggest spender.

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