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Hey everyone, I copied and pasted this story from the Prayer and Support Circle forum.. so well anyway, I just got back from a trip, and I had an experience that I'll never forget. It's kind of a long sad story but here it is.

I went to a place called Bear Lake for my trip, it's on the border of Utah and Idaho. My dad, my 11-year-old brother, and I went to the lake to go swim in it. My brother and I had innertubes to sit in, so we were just relaxing in the water sitting on our tubes. The waves were pushing us toward the shore, but then it got windy and we started being blown away from the shore. My dad was sitting in the car while my brother and I were in the lake, and he noticed that we were getting further and further away from the shore. I noticed that my brother had floated far away from me. My dad got out of the car and came into the lake with a rope that he was going to use to pull us back to shore. I was closer to the shore than my brother was, and the wind had blown my brother very far away, so he was stranded in the middle of the lake on his tube. My dad thought he could walk to our tubes but we were too far away, so he had to swim. He swam to my tube and held on to it because he was exhausted. He took off his sandals and put them in my lap. I asked "What are you doing?" and he said "I have to get Mark" and I said "You're going to swim that far?!" and he said "I have to. I have no choice. Paddle yourself back to shore." So I was paddling like crazy since I was kind of far from the shore, and I kept looking back at my dad. He looked so exhausted and I thought he was going to pass out and drown, and I started crying while I was paddling to shore. I made it to the shore and by this time I was practically bawling because I could see my dad pushing my brother's tube, and he was really exhausted. I finally calmed down and I wasn't bawling so much. I noticed another rope thing sitting on the trailor, and it wasn't very long, but I grabbed it and I walked to the shore. I noticed that my dad and my brother were getting closer, so I walked into the lake until the water was up to my chin. My dad looked really really exhausted since he had to swim clear out to the middle of the lake, and I thought he was going to pass out. So I was standing there in the freezing cold water waiting for them to get closer. I threw the rope to my dad and he tied it around my brother's tube, and I pulled him to the shore. My dad was able to walk on the bottom of the lake floor. He was breathing very heavily, but I could tell he was probably going to be ok. All 3 of us made it to the shore, and my dad had to take a rest after all the swimming he had to do to rescue my brother. I got a towel and sat in the car and I started crying again. I had experienced the scariest time of my life. After my dad rested, he told me that I was very strong and brave to get a rope and come back to the lake and help rescue my brother. I was trying to hold back tears because I didn't want to upset my dad. I was soooo grateful that everyone was ok in the end.

This is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I had so many feelings and emotions going on at the time and it was very stressful and scary. I seriously thought that my dad was going to drown and die out there in the lake, and he didn't so I am very grateful that everything turned out to be ok in the end. This is really going to leave an emotional scar for life. Well that's my story.

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thats good that everything worked out fine you know it could have gotten really bad... im glad your dads ok, i bet its a really scary situation aswell because my dad has an aortic anurizm and he can't put to muh stress on himself atall because it can make his anurizm blow and he would die instantly, and one day he had to push our car back home after it broke down and he almost passed, you know its hard to think about what could have happened... the doctors told him he cant lift over 20lbs but anyways nuff bout that im glad everythings alright girl! :1-say-yes: :1-say-yes:

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