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If I just diss and take the piss just a little bit

50 said that he was whack. Just a little bit

I've seen rappers come and go. From the start

Some of em fall off. The others land on the charts

Now what can i possibly do to improve the situation

Instead of trying to save thier nation. Look at your creation

It just sucks and You dont wanna start nothing

Because theres something to be escaladed to frontin'

Gangsters pee on themselfs when they hear im around

In America i'll probably be underground. With a dope sound

Be the next eminem and just shout "F*ck everything"

Actors with there ice and bling. Got a song to sing?

Pac' said that we have to change the way that we live

We have to survive so a change the method to live

All I used to do was rap on the corner on the street

Just a couple of feet. Beef was settled just like the old days

Living the best way possible. Ambitionz to have a big pay day

Or different one everyday. But thats not going to happen

So tel me how did you start rapping. I did from scrapping

Fighting one day untill someone says use words not fists

So I got the gyst. Ever since ya'll hated "In The Myst"

I take rap so serouis to me its not just a game

It's a way of life and the things aint just the same

Pops hit the block just like a hurricane or a tornado

I still remember the days X was shoting "Ayo Kato"

Rest in peice to all the ones lost on the streets. In the drugs

All i done was play soccer and chill. They call us thugs

Little kids with high hopes and bad visions. My mission

Is simply to become a respected artist for ya'll to listen

But you think I'm whack what do I say to that?

I just say Brush em off and thats just a fact.

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