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Have you ever had a friend..

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i've kinda been lucky with my friends. My closest friend and i have known each other since we were both 3 years old so that's cool. And i have lots of friends that are at uni who i love seeing when they come back. I haven't really had anyone stab me in the back but i know what you all mean about trust issues, i find it kinda hard to get close to people sometimes because people can be so bitchy and a there are a lot of 2faced people out there. I can't be bothered with people like that, they're just not worth it, but i think you know most of the time when people are gonna be real friends.

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man that is lucky MY luck has't been to good because of what i do down here people really hate you know. The Friends i do have are always here but the way it used to be it seemed that i was by my self you know.

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