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Yeah such a shame that Kurt killed himself.

Some people debate that. One girl in my music class last year said "Anyone who really understood Nirvana, knows he didn't kill himself" (or something along those lines)

that's right. People shouldn't be blind sided by the media reports that Kurt Cobain "killed himself." You guys can go to www.cobaincase.com or http://www.justiceforkurt.com/ for some info. Some good stuff there.

But I don't think the girl should have said "anyone who understood Nirvana knows he didn't kill himself, etc". No one really understands an artist unless you know them personally. A lot of my favorite artists like 2Pac and Kurt Cobain are still a mystery to me, and I've been a huge fan of theirs for ages.

Yeah I know sum ppl say Kurt was killed by his wife who know looks like Anna Nichole Smith b4 she lost all that weight. I remember the debate on that. But yeah it's like Tupac we probably never know what really happen. Cos hey u can know sumbody 4 a 100yrs n still not know who they r.

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