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Based on a true story of a friend. It - FORTUNATELY - didn't happen to me. I asked him if I could use his story for a song. He agreed, here it is:

In Da Club (You Ain’t ??)

Written by The Fab Man

Me and a couple of friends went to a club

‘cause my friend called Ross

knew the nephew of the club’s boss

when we went in i said damn “how many guys”

and I’m not telling lies

‘cause 10 percent female, 90 percent male

I sat down on a chair

But there were to guys havin’ a love affair

Kissin’ and buggin’

I thought “what the hell?”

i thought let’s go away

here ain’t no cute girls

only kissin’ boys with a lot of pearls

BUT then I saw this sexy chick walkin’

That’s the moment I had to start talkin’

Yo. In Da Club.

You Ain’t?

In Da Club.

You Ain’t?

In Da Club.

Don’t Tell Me You Ain’t

The girl liked me

Who does not when they see me

She said “i go to the bathroom, wait for me!

Cause after that...” I was like “Ooohh. Weeeee!!”

I was waitin’ next to the girl’s toilet door

But on the floor

There was strange guy lickin his lips

While doin’ this he was eatin’ chips

Then suddenly he asked me ---

Are you bisexual?

I said “why?

Don’t talk crap like this, guy”

When the girl came out

I was beginning to shout

Because I got mad

Told the girl she sould wait

I went to the barkeeper, he had this strange hat (but OK)

I asked him, don’t tell me ev’rybody’s gay here

He looked at me and said WHAT??? YOU AIN’T GAY???

I said to me “have no fear”

But then I began to scream and run out of the club

At home i called my friend

Askin him if he knew that it was a gay club

Because if yes, that would have been HIS end!

In Da Club.

You Ain’t? No

In Da Club.

You Ain’t? No

In Da Club.

The most scary thing ever happened to me.

In Da Club.

The most scary thing ever happened to me.

In Da Club.

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