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Round 2 cataboy3 vs FrshPrnceCharmng

Da Brakes

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I'll illustrate how i dominate, step up to the plate

Take a swing, diss n miss cause of how i frustrate

U fresh like old spice so you proudly say,

Deodorant can't cover up ur filthy stank,

The reason why i write is not to beat you down,

But you are just one brick of my entire house,

So what i gotta do to prove that i should go through,

I take you down slowly watch closely to my moves,

Ur Sig: "An old man dies and a young girl lives"

More like you say "buhbye" and trust i'll outlive,

You must be charming man, I don't like harming men

Who are sweet talkers but i'm just alarming man

The next round called and i picked up the phone

U still waitin for the call and you all alone,

So drop the mic it is certain that i already beat ya

Take your ass to the beautyshop like Queen Latifah

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Filthy stank? I'm Frsh and clean don't need a beautyshop son

I can see you sweatin and frettin acting like I had a gun

I am Charmng man, rhymes come out like I'm breathing

That thing you call a rap it must have left you heaving

Now that I've started I'll stay here till the end

No games here just skills nothing to pretend

Rhymes so Frsh and so clean, clearly seen by blind guys

I kill you so brutally people turn a blind eye

The speed of your defeat compares to wi-fi

Verbal knuckle sandwich, you want it wheat or white rye?

Take down notes? You're the student I'm the master

Go toe to toe with me you get knocked down faster

That’s it you’re gone, oh wait I got three lines left right?

What’s left to do, he’s killed, like Disney he’s on ice

I’ll visit your grave at the rapper cemetery

Looking at ‘Here lies cataboy3 the Ordinary’

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