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I think they might have purposely named their show after this movie. I mean think about it, most of the Episode names are a parody off of something else. For example:

"Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse" = "Papa's got a Brand New Bag" By James Brown

"Just Say Yo" = "Just Say No" (talking about what to say to drugs)

"Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy" = Home Sweet Home

"Def Poet's Society" = "Dead Poet's Society" a movie starring Robin Williams

"The Young and the Restless" = name of a popular soap opera

and there are many more, I am just too lazy to name them all.

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I can spread some knowledge on this subject

I was watchin Will getting interviewed one time and he said the show came from

Quincy Jones WHO as a kid got into trouble in his town and was sent to a fancy city (not Philly to Bel-Air) So Quincy WAS the basis of the show i guess.......

Will said it so i take it to be true~

I heard it was Benny Medina who that happened to...

Yeh it was Benny Medina

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