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My First Chapter (Same as other post)

Science Museum

Chapter 1

“Are you guys ready for tomorrow?” Michael asked excitedly. John smiled and nodded his head.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow, we are going to the science museum.” Chris said as he drew a big smile on his face. The bell rang loudly. Some students kept chatting and ignored the bell while other students went to line up so they won’t be late for their class.

“I’ll see you guys after school.” Michael shouted as he started to run to join the line.

“Tuck your shirt in or you will get a fifteen-minute detention after school.” Michael’s math teacher said harshly. Michael sighed and tucked his shirt in. When his math teacher was walking towards the head-teacher, Michael pulled a funny face at him and rolled his eyes.

“What lesson you got next?” A boy asked as he stared into Michael’s eyes.

“I’ve got maths.” Michael replied.

“Michael, stop talking or you won’t be going to the science museum tomorrow with the rest of your form. Michael’s math teacher shouted angrily.

Michael shut his mouth and he glared at his math teacher.

“Come in class.” Michael’s math teacher said as held the door open for all the students to pass through. As soon as the students reached all their classes, Michael sneaked out of the classroom when the teacher wasn’t looking and he went to the toilet.

“Where’s Michael gone?” The math teacher said furiously. Everybody shrugged and they all looked at each other. Michael was about to walk through the door but he noticed that his math teacher was looking for him and asking other students if they have seen him. Michael stood silently out of the classroom and he was about to go in but the head-teacher caught him.

“What are you doing out of your lesson?” The head-teacher shouted loudly as her face started to get red. Michael gulped.

“I went to go to the toilet.” Michael replied nervously.

“During the lesson?” The head-teacher asked quietly. Michael nodded his head.

The head-teacher grabbed his arm and she knocked on Michael’s math teacher’s door.

“Come in.” Michael’s math teacher said without looking at the person standing outside the class. The head-teacher turned the door-knob and she entered the classroom with Michael’s arm in one hand.

“Excuse me, I would like to know why Michael was in the toilet during a lesson.” The head-teacher said strictly. Michael’s math teacher gulped and sighed. He looked at Michael and he frowned. Michael looked away.

“I was looking for Michael but I didn’t find him.” Michael’s math teacher said nervously. Sweat started to drip down Michael’s face.

“I’m going to go now back to my office. Keep an eye on Michael.” The head-teacher said quietly. Michael silently sat down and he couldn’t look at his math teacher because he felt so guilty with what he had done.

“Michael I would like to see you after the lesson.” Michael’s math teacher muttered. All the students in the class looked at Michael.

When the lesson was over, Michael went over to his math teacher’s desk.

“You wanted to see me, sir?” Michael asked with a soft voice. Michael’s math teacher looked at him and he sat down at his desk.

“Have a seat.” He said with a deep voice.

“Sorry sir, I needed to go desperately, if I didn’t go I would of wet myself.” Michael said as he smiled. He was trying to turn the situation into a joke but it wasn’t going very well.

“You are going to have a two-hour detention.” Michael’s math teacher said harshly. Michael sighed and he looked anxiously into his math teacher’s eyes.

“Sir, I’m really sorry but I can’t have a two-hour detention. I have to go to and meet up with somebody.” Michael said trying to make his teacher change his mind.

“Who is this somebody?” Michael’s math teacher asked curiously. Michael looked at him nervously and gulped.

“John’s brother.” Michael replied.

“Ok, I will let John know that you won’t be able to come.” Michael’s math teacher told him as he gave a little smile. Somebody just zoomed pass the classroom. Michael’s math teacher got up from his seat and he opened the classroom door. Michael had an idea; he was going to sneak out of the classroom through the other door.

Michael’s math teacher walked out of the classroom, Michael silently tiptoed across the classroom heading towards the door that led to another classroom. Michael’s math teacher was to busy shouting at another student because that student never had their shirt tucked in and their tie was too short. Michael opened the door, he had to kept checking if his math teacher was coming to his desk. The door slid open and Michael tiptoed inside the classroom. It was the technology classroom. There was a lot of dust and wood blocks laid all of the tables. There was a teacher standing and she had her back to Michael.

“Phew!” Michael whispered to himself. The technology teacher looked back. Michael quickly crouched behind the table. He held on himself tightly. Michael noticed that the technology teacher was about to pick up the blocks of wood that way laying on the table. It was the table he was hiding behind.

The teacher walked closer to Michael. She was picking stuff off the table. Michael heart started to pump very fast and that’s the only thing he could hear. His pulse started racing. Sweat started drip down his forehead to his cheeks. He started to panic. He was wandering what will happen to him if his math teacher or any teacher caught him.

The teacher went to the other classroom. Michael quickly crawled out of the classroom to the corridor and then he ran to the gates. He was so relieved that he got never got caught by any teacher but he got very unlucky. The head-teacher saw him walking home when everybody was gone.

“Michael! Michael!” The head-teacher shouted as loud as she could. Michael looked back. Michael thought of running off and pretending he didn’t hear his head-teacher.

He legged it all the way home. As soon as he got home, he stormed into his bedroom. He took a deep breath and sighed. He lay back on his bed and he yawned.

“I’m so tired.” Michael muttered to himself. Then he took his shoes off and dropped them on the carpet. Then he cuddled up into the bed sheets and fell asleep.

Later that day, Michael’s mother got a phone call.

“Can you tell Michael that he won’t be coming on the school trip tomorrow.” A voice said angrily.

“What? Who is calling?” Michael’s mother asked on the phone furiously. Her face started to turn pale.

“Sorry, I am Michael’s head-teacher.” Michael’s head-teacher muttered over the phone. Michael’s mother was shocked. She was wondering why her son wasn’t going on the trip.

“Excuse me, can I have a good reason why my son isn’t going on the trip.” Michael’s mother said curiously. Michael’s head-teacher sighed.

“Michael missed a detention and he sneaked out of the classroom to come home.” The head-teacher said. Michael’s mother rubbed her hand on her head, and she took a deep breath.

“Thanks for the call, I’ll tell Michael straight away.” Michael’s mother said trying to sound polite. She put the phone down.

“Michael! Michael! Come down here now!” Michael’s mum shouted so loudly that she almost cracked the windows in the house. Michael opened his eyes slowly. After hearing his mother shouting his name a few more times, he rubbed his eyes and slowly got out of his bed. He slipped his feet in his slippers that were lying on the carpet.

“What was you doing at school today?” Michael’s mum asked sweetly. Michael sighed.

“I did my work as usual.” Michael muttered.

“Oh I just got a phone call from your head-teacher. Apparently you are not joining the trip tomorrow with the rest of your class. Your father and me might go and see all your teachers and get to know what you are really doing at school. Your head-teacher probably thinks we are bad parents and we got you to thank for that. School is the most important thing and you are going to it whether you like it or not!” Michael’s mum shouted angrily. After a few seconds, Michael ran upstairs and he rang Johnny.

“Hey Johnny, I just want to let you know that I’m not going to the school trip tomorrow.” Michael said sadly over the phone.

“Why not?” Johnny asked.

“Hmm, I sneaked out of class and ran home when I was actually supposed to be in detention.” Michael said whispered quietly over the phone to Johnny.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I wish you could come though, it’s not the same without you.” Johnny said as he smiled.

“Thanks Johnny. I’m going to go come whether the teachers like it or not.” Michael said quietly.

“What you going to do?” Johnny asked.

“I’ve got a plan, anyway I have to go back to sleep because I need some rest for my big journey tomorrow.” Michael said and then he say goodnight. Michael put the phone down and snuggled under the bed covers and closed his eyes. He couldn’t go sleep because he was wondering what would happen if the teachers caught him, he would be grounded for life.

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My Second Chapter...

Chapter 2

Finally, it was the day that the class went to the science museum. Everybody was so excited that they reached school thirty-minutes earlier than they were supposed to. Johnny was waiting for Chris, Mark and he was wondering if he would see Michael. He reminded himself that he couldn’t tell anybody about Michael.

Meanwhile, Michael got up and he got ready but he wasn’t in his school-uniform. He wore blacks jeans a blue t-shirt.

“You are staying home today and you know why. I don’t want to mention it again.” Michael’s mum said as she crossed her arms.

“Yeah, sorry mum.” Michael said but he didn’t sound like he meant it. Mum rolled her eyes and pretended that she didn’t hear her son.

“What’s for breakfast?” Michael asked as he looked all over the table.

“You can have Cornflakes. They’re up on the shelf.” Michael’s mother said as she stirred her spoon in her cup of coffee. Michael picked the Cornflakes box off the shelf and he poured Cornflakes in his big breakfast bowl. Nobody talked. It was silent in the kitchen. Michael sat down and ate his breakfast slowly, hoping that his mother would go to work soon. He started reading the newspaper and his mother kept her eyes on him.

After ten minutes, Michael finished his breakfast and walked into the living room. Mum was about to follow him but she quickly finished her cup of tea and waited for five minutes.

“Michael, I’m going to work now because I got a really important meeting. If you go out of this house, you will be in deep trouble. You will be grounded for four months, and that includes no television, computer, and telephone calls for four months.” Mum said harshly. Michael sighed. He was about to change his mind, but would he really want to miss the videos, rides and excitement in the science museum?

Michael was going to take a risk. His mum put her shoes on and she kissed Michael on the cheek.

“Don’t worry mum, everything will be fine.” Michael said as he smiled. His mum smiled back at him. Mum walked to the door and she opened it. She stepped outside and she slammed the door behind her loudly. Michael looked out of the curtain to wave to his mum goodbye while she was sitting in the car. She waved goodbye to him. Once the car drove to the end of the road, Michael stormed upstairs and barged in his bedroom.

He opened his wardrobe, and he grabbed some black trousers and a black hooded top. He put it over the clothes he had on.

“These will do.” Michael said to himself as he smiled. He looked in the mirror to check if looked normal. He picked up a cap from the floor in his bedroom and he put it in his pocket.

Michael’s journey was just going to start. He put a watch on quickly. It was only 8:30am.

“I only got thirty-minutes till the science museum opens and when the rest of my class go.” Michael whispered to himself. He was waiting for the bus. Michael checked his pocket to make sure he had his bus-pass so he wouldn’t miss out.

The time flew by, and it was now 9am.

“The school are taking the register right now and people need to go toilet so and that will take fifteen-minutes. They are really supposed to be there now but I’m glad they’re not.” Michael said to himself as he opened the front door and he walked near the bus stop. He stood there patiently like everybody else. He put his hand sin his pockets. The bus finally appeared and all the people got on.

“That will be forty pence, mate.” The bus driver said as he stuck his hand out in front of Michael’s face. Michael nodded his head and he took forty-pence out of his pocket.

Michael found a seat. He had to sit next a young woman. Michael looked the other way out of the window. Suddenly, he saw a man who looked at him in a strange way. Michael was knew that face before but he couldn’t where from. He was trying to remember. Michael suddenly remembered and that was his English teacher.

“I’m going to be in deep trouble.” Michael muttered to himself. The woman next to him looked at him in a strange way. Michael sighed and put his hand son his face. Michael wished that his English teacher didn’t notice he was. He put his black cap on his head so nobody could really see his hair and a bit of his face.

Michael looked at his watch. It was only 9:10am. Michael thought if he didn’t make it in time then they won’t let him in the science museum. Finally, Michael got to the place he wanted to be. He was right by the science museum. He quickly hid behind the big tree that was in front of him. He saw a big coach coming towards the science museum-parking place. He tried to peek so he can see what was going on. All Michael saw was some of his class mates getting out of the coach and lining up in a straight line.

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