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Happy Father's Day 2017 JJFP.com Fam!


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This father's day is a lil' bit emotional for me being the 1st one since my pops passed on but I'm holding strong with positive memories playing some of the songs that me and pops enjoyed including obviously JJFP, "Just The Two Of Us" is our main song, I also watched the movie "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" (featuring Martin Lawrence) today which me and my parents watched quite a bit of times over the few recent years before pops got sick and went to the nursing home for the last 4.5 years of his life, and I wrote a song called "another test" which i dedicated to his memory with these fire lyrical bars I have in it:

...and like buckshot and krs one
i have a crew ready to clean up
whenever i step to plate hitting clean up
like curtis granderson or mo vaughn
hitting grand slams over all the bums
each battle of life is being won
with a power of jesus
there's no such thing as laziness
all the power is reaching from heaven
throughout all the tests
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