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Premiere: Immature 'Let Me Find Out'

VIBE Posted November 24, 2014


VIBE.com presents the world premiere of Immature's (Marques "Batman" Houston) (Jerome "Romeo" Jones) and (Kelton "LDB" Kessee) new single, "Let Me Find Out." The group is back in full force and plans to work on a new albumicon1.png and tour in the near future.

"We wanted to give our fans and new comers a few free songs in 2014 to hear our new direction and sound. The first one is called "Let Me Find Out" produced by T Black The Hitmaker. We are so excited to bring our dedicated fans a tour and album." --Immature.


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I like it. I just hope the album dips into some more soul, or a fuller sound. The auto tune at the beginning of Romeo's verse is a little annoying, but doesn't last long.

If anything, I know Brakes will be happy to hear this.

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For the upcoming album, released May 2nd, Forever, they have re-recorded. It lacks the soul of the 1994 smash, but I think I like it better than all of the commercial R&B songs they've put out so far.

Hear it here...


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Immature released a free EP titled "Remember" on Valentine's Day.  That's right, FREE!  You can download it from their Soundcloud.

Here's a write-up on it from BET...

Immature Drops Valentines Day EP, Remember


R&B group unveils new songs along with remakes of their hits "Please Don't Go" and "Never Lie."


By Moriba Cummings
Posted: 02/14/2015 03:00 PM EST

Just in time for Valentine's Day, legendary R&B group Immature released Remember, a compilation EP of reworked and brand new tracks.

With 2015 versions of their hits "Never Lie" and "Please Don't Go," and freshly written songs like "Oh My," "Best Sex," and "Let Me Find Out" appearing on the project, listeners are sure to be satisfied.


"We feel so excited to give our fans some of our old hits with a new sound," the group collectively said in a statement. "It's like reminiscing or going down memory lane, and the new sound will gain new fans. And hopefully all our fans — old and new — will love the music."

Remember is only an appetizer. The group is currently putting the finishing touches on their seventh studio album, Forever, and later this year, Immature, which consists of all three original members, Marques Houston, Jerome Jones and Kelton Kessee, are also set to hit the road on a national headlining tour.

Aside from the music, the group is in talks to produce a biopic chronicling its career.


Sadly it's not as good as their past work.  The production lacks soul and is aimed for today's so-called urban radio.  "Best Sex" is easily the best song in my opinion.  Download it here...


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